#1 Thickest Clip-In Hair Extensions Available Online [Plus 5 Others]

If you’re struggling to find clip-in hair extensions that are not only thicker than thick, but are also out of this world beautiful, you’ve come to the right place ladies. Take a look at what I’ve found from my extensive experience searching for thick clip-in extensions!

The number one thickest clip-in hair extensions weigh 265 grams and can be purchased online from Milk+Blush for $194. These hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and are 20 inches in length. Additionally, they are made with quad wefts with more hair on fewer clips, meaning they will give you great volume.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? What more could you ask for! If you’re interested in similar options for the thickest clip-in hair extensions, keep reading!

5 Additional Thick Clip-In Hair Extensions

Choosing The Right Thickness Of Luxy Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to buy the thickest clip-in hair extensions online and you have a hefty budget, you’ll love these next wigs.

An amazing set of clip0in hair extensions for thick hair is the Cliphair™ Ltd – Ultra-Volume Set for $182+. These hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, the best type of hair extensions for thick hair. This ultra-volume set is the most voluminous collection in the Cliphair™ Ltd store weighing 240 -280 grams.

Although they are a bit on the expensive side, you definitely get what you pay for! Take a look for yourself:

Hair Extension Brand Name:Weight:Inches:Price:Purchase Link
01.Cliphair™ Ltd – Ultra-Volume Set240 -280 grams18, 20, 24 inches$182+VIEW
02.Glam Seamless Hair Extensions – Invisi-Clip200 -220 grams26 inches$329.99VIEW
03.Beauty Works – Double Hair Set220 grams22 inches$315VIEW
04.Luxy Hair – Volume Bundle Set265 grams20 inches$283VIEW
05.Bellami Hair – Volume Bundle Set360 grams26 inches$419.99VIEW
Table Showing 5 Additional Thick Clip-In Hair Extensions

01. Cliphair™ Ltd – Ultra-Volume Set

This wig was created with the glamorous girl in mind. Not only do you get more thickness, but you also get more hair and body in your hair extensions as well!

The ultra volume set can only be purchased from Cliphair™ Ltd, this means that you won’t get a thicker set of hair extensions anywhere else.

Weight: 240 -280 grams

Wefts: 8

You can purchase these thick, beautiful hair extensions from Cliphair™ Ltd, the starting price is $182.

02. Glam Seamless Hair Extensions – Invisi-Clip

If you’re looking for fuller volume to reach your hair goals then the Invisi-Clip set from Glam Seamless is the way to go!

These clip-in hair extensions have an invisible, seamless clip weft that actually lies flatter than any of the other clip-in hair extensions on the market right now. Not only do they sit flush on your scalp, but they are also 50% thinner than other clip-ins that are much bulkier and bumpier.  Due to the thin clip-ins, it is much easier to conceal the wefts and the clips in your natural hair. 

The hair extensions used to make these thick, voluminous hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, which is the top of the range for thick hair.

Weight: 200 -220 grams

Wefts: 7

You can purchase these thick, beautiful hair extensions from Glam Seamless for only $329.99.

03. Beauty Works – Double Hair Set

This double hair set from Beauty Works is actually an award-winning clip-in hair extension set! It’s been featured in Vogue and even the Marie Claire Hair Awards as a highly recommended hair extension set. Basically, when dealing with these hair extensions just know that you’re in the presence of greatness!

These clip-in hair extensions are designed to maximize your hair’s volume and length! They are double-wefted which allows there to be a lot of hair on the wefts without using too many clips!

100% Remy human hair is used to handcraft these beautiful wigs so you already know that the hair extensions are of high quality and will allow you to achieve that flawless, natural appearance that you’re after.

Weight: 220 grams

Wefts: 6

You can purchase these voluminous, thick hair extensions from Beauty Works for the amazing price of $315.

04. Luxy Hair – Volume Bundle Set

Luxy Hair extensions are made with a multi-tone adapter system. This allows your hair extensions from Luxy Hair to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, even if your hair and hair extensions are slightly different shades. Amazing, right?

These hair extensions are also made with 100% Remy human hair, the highest quality hair extension for thick hair, due to its versatility.

An added perk of purchasing this bundle is that it comes with an extra 4-clip volumizer weft for the sole purpose of adding more volume! So on top of the 10 wefts, you get with this set, you get an extra one!

Weight: 265 grams

Wefts: 10

You can purchase these Stunning, thick hair extensions from Luxy Hair for the incredible price of $283.

05. Bellami Hair – Silk Seam Set

The Silk Seam set from Bellami Hair will instantly transform your look!  Your hair will be long, thick, and luxurious with the help of these clip-in hair extensions.  

Bellami Hair uses 100% Remy human hair to make their clip-in extensions to offer only the best quality hair extensions to their customers. The wefts on the Silk Seam set are a lot thinner (up to 30%) than traditional clip-in hair extensions. This allows them to lay flat on your scalp so that they are not easily detectable.

Weight:360 grams

Wefts: 7

You can purchase these thick, beautiful hair extensions from Bellami Hair for the incredible price of $419.99.

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on the best clip-in hair extensions that are thicker than thick, let’s take a look at hair density and how to choose one that will match your thick hair. Let’s take a look:

What Is The Best Density For My Hair?

The average density of hair on a human head is between 100% to 120%. Of course, if you have thicker or thinner hair, you won’t be able to pull off hair extensions with this density.

The best density for you, if you have really thin hair, is 90%, for naturally thin/fine hair it’s 100%, for thin to normal hair it’s 120% (same as normal hair), for normal to thick hair, it’s 130%-150%, for naturally thick or fuller hair it’s 180%, and if you want a celebrity finish, glam look then opt for 200% hair density.

Insider Tip: If you have naturally thick hair and you feel you don’t want extensions that are too thick, they may end up looking stringy and obviously fake. This is why it is so important that you match your extensions with the correct hair density!

Take a look at the table below to see what hair density you should be looking out for when shopping for clip-in hair extensions:

Hair Thickness:Recommended Density:
Extremely Thin Hair90%
Naturally Thin/Fine Hair100%
Thin to Normal Hair110%-120%
Normal Hair120%
Normal to Thick Hair130% -150%
Naturally Thick/Fuller Hair180%
Extremely Thick Hair200%
Table Showing The Best Density For Your Hair

The table above is simply a guideline for the density you should be matching your hair thickness with. If you are not 100% sure, it may be a good idea to first consult with a trusted hairstylist and have them take a look at your hair before you make the decision to order your extensions.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the perfect clip-in hair extensions for your thick hair, look no further. There is an amazing article available on that exact topic. Take a look at How Many Clip-In Hair Extensions Do You Need For Thick Hair?

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