How Many Clip-In Hair Extensions Do You Need For Thick Hair? (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & full head)

A common misconception that women have is that they assume that if they have thick natural hair then they don’t need as many hair extensions to achieve a fuller look. This is far from the truth. When you purchase clip-in hair extensions you need to match them to your hair, in color as well as thickness, if you want to achieve a natural look.

If you have thick hair and want to purchase clip-in hair extensions, you will need 3-4 packs of clip-in hair extensions for a ¼ head of hair, 4-5 packs of clip-in hair extensions for ½ a head of hair, 6 pack s of clip-in hair extensions for a ¾ head of hair, and for a full head of hair, you will need 6-9 packs of clip-in hair extensions.

Here is a table detailing exactly what you need to know about hair extensions you should select for thick hair.

Head Of Hair:Extension Thickness:Number of Extension Packs:Number of Strands:Average Cost:
¼ head of hair25 grams3 – 460 – 80$120 – $155
½ head of hair50 – 60 grams4 – 580 – 100$155 – $195
¾ head of hair75 grams6110 – 120$233
Full head of hair125 – 200 grams6 – 9120 – 180$233 – $349
Table Showing The Number Of Clip-In Extensions You Need For Thick Hair

Of course, this is the general rule of thumb, different hair extension companies may make their clip-in hair extensions differently. Therefore, you may need slightly more or slightly less clip-in hair extensions for your thick hair. To be on the safe side, always purchase double-weft hair extensions. Double weft hair extensions are made from 2 wefts of hair extensions sewn together so you actually get twice as much hair!

Now that you know exactly how many clip-in extensions you’ll need, let’s take a closer look at the density and how this affects your decision!

What Hair Density Is Best For Thick Hair?

The thickness of your hair extensions is determined by how much hair is attached to each weft, not how thick the hair is. Hair density is what we refer to when we talk about how much hair is used on the hair extensions.

The best hair density for thick hair when it comes to wigs is between 150% – 200%. If you have thick or fuller hair, then opt for wigs with a density of 150%; if you have heavy hair, then buy wigs with a density of up to 180%, and if you want to go for the extra heavy glam look, then opt for a wig with a density of 200%.

Thickness does not equal density. The average hair density of our natural hair is between 100% and 120%. With thicker hair, it’ll obviously be more.

You can have thick hair that has a low density which means that you have thick hair but don’t have a lot of hair strands. So don’t let hair density confuse you when you’re shopping for your clip-in hair extensions.

Let’s take a look at what hair density you need to look out for:

Hair Type:Recommended Density:
Thick or Fuller150%
Extra Heavy (Glam look)200%
Table Showing What Hair Density Is Best For Thick Hair.
  • Thick or fuller. If you have hair that is just a bit on the thicker or fuller side (not too thick but definitely thicker than average) then I highly recommend that you stick to clip-in hair extensions with a density of at least 150% in order to achieve a natural look. Remember that it is important to match our hair extensions to our natural hair, even when it comes to hair density!
  • Heavy. If you have hair that is very thick or heavy, clip-in hair extensions with a density of 180% will be perfect for you!
  • Extra Heavy (Glam look). If you have thick hair and want to achieve that glamorous celebrity-finish then you can be more daring and purchase hair extensions with a density of up to 200%. I wouldn’t recommend this for an everyday look if your goal is to have a natural appearance. However, if you’re going to a special event and want to look fabulously glamorous then I say go for it!

Just keep in mind the handy tips laid out in this article and you’ll be well on your way to rocking your next clip-in hair extensions!

What Type Of Clip-In Extensions Are Best For Thick Hair?


With thick hair, it is absolutely crucial that you use the right type of hair extensions if you want to achieve the most natural look.

The best hair extensions for blending with thick hair is 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions. Remy human hair is by far the highest grade of human hair extensions. This is mainly because the cuticles are left intact which mimics the natural flow of hair and makes the hair softer, shinier, and less likely to get tangled which prolongs the lifespan.

When the cuticles are left intact and are aligned, you often can’t even tell that a person is wearing hair extensions.

Take a look at the table below to see the differences between Remy Human Hair and non-Remy Human Hair:

Remy Human HairNon-Remy Human Hair
Aligned CuticlesNon-aligned cuticles
Soft, silky, and shinyDry and turns coarse
Tangle-freeTangles and becomes matted
100% human hairOften mixed with synthetic hair
Blends perfectly with natural hairDoes not blend perfectly with natural hair
Table Comparing Remy Human Hair To Non-Remy Human Hair

Now that you know exactly what the best hair extensions are for your thicker hair, let’s dive deeper into how to install your extensions like a pro!

How To Install Clip-In Hair Extensions On Thick Hair

Knowing how to install your clip-in extensions is absolutely vital for ensuring that they look and feel as natural as possible!

To install clip-in hair extensions on thick hair, prepare your hair by teasing it at the roots then section off your hair so it’s easier to manage. Clip your extensions in, start by clipping in the middle clip, place it directly in the centre of the section you just created. Blend your hair extensions by covering the clips with your actual hair.

Here’s what to do:

Blending Clip in Extensions With Short & Thick Hair

01. Prepare Your Hair

With thick hair, the clip-in extensions should be able to securely attach to your hair with minimal prep. That being said, you can prepare each section of your hair by teasing it a bit where you will be attaching your clip-in extensions.

You can tease your hair by placing a comb at least 1 inch from your scalp then pushing the towards your scalp at least three times.

02. Section Off Your Hair

Start at the bottom of your head and work your way up. Separate you hair by using the tail end of a tail-comb to create an accurate straight horizontal line. Twist the hair above the line so that you can securely clip it away to avoid it getting in your way.

03. Clip Your Extensions In

Now you are ready to clip in the hair extensions. Start by clipping in the middle clip, place it directly in the centre of the section you just created. Secure it into place. If it does not feel secure, repeat Step 01 where you tease your hair. Continue clipping in the other remaining clips.

04. Keep Going!

Repeat Step 02 and Step 03 as you move up your head. Some of your hair extensions may have more or fewer clips that the other ones. Do not let this confuse you. Still begin by clipping the middle clip first.

05. Blend Your Hair Extensions

Once you are done installing your clip-in hair extensions, make sure that you blend them into your natural hair. Use your natural hair to cover and hide the clips of your hair extensions. If you have short natural hair then I recommend you get help from a hairstylist or a friend, in order to blend your natural hair with the hair extensions perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Clip-in hair extensions come in all colors, lengths, and textures. I know how overwhelming it can be so now that you’re able to determine the right thickness needed for your hair, the process of shopping for clip-in hair extensions should be a whole lot more fun and easier!

If you’re interested in learning more about how many clip-in hair extensions are needed for a full head as well as how long you can keep clip-in hair extensions in for, just take a peek at this amazing article How Many Clip In Hair Extensions Do I Need For A Full Head? ANSWERED!


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