Can Braids Make Your Neck Hurt?

The last time I got braids I was in constant pain and couldn’t understand why, until I asked one of my friends who never seems to have this problem. Was it braids causing the pain?

Braids are not supposed to cause neck pain unless they are too heavy. Braids are typically too heavy when braids are too thick or there are too many thin braids on your head. Both are caused by too many braid hair extensions being used and should be avoided completely as this can cause damage to your natural hair.

If you have been experiencing pain due to heavy braids, knowing that braid pain is not necessary has probably left you dying to know how to lessen the pain. Well, let’s get into how you can do just that!

Tips To Alleviate Neck Pain Caused By Braids

There is no definite solution to reducing the weight of your braids enough to get rid of the pain that it may be causing.

However, there are recommendations that have worked for some that we will be taking a look at. Let’s get right into it!

1. Remove Braid Hair

This is probably the most effective way to reduce the weight of your braids, however, it is basically redoing your braids.

To do this, you can take out each braid and remove a portion of the braided hair to make it less heavy. However, this is extremely time-consuming.

To avoid having to do all of this in the future, opt for using less braid hair when getting your braids done. This will reduce the overall weight of the braids.

2. Wear them in a bun

Taking your braids out completely just isn’t something that everyone wants or has the time and money to do.

If this is you and you are looking for something to help for the remaining lifespan of your braids, try wearing your braids in a bun or up-style. This seems to reduce how heavy they feel on your head while also reducing tension.

Although this works for some, it definitely doesn’t work for everyone. The best thing to do is to try a bun for a day to see if it helps.

However, it is incredibly important to remember that keeping braids that are causing you pain can be extremely damaging to your scalp and natural hair!

3 Tips For Sleeping With Braids

One of the most frustrating things about having braids is finding the right way to sleep with them.

No one wants to mess up their braids while they sleep, it can also be a little difficult when you have tight or heavy braids to find the right way to sleep.

1. Take time to prep your hair before bed.

The first step to prepping your hair for bed is moisturizing. For braids to last their complete lifespan and for healthy natural hair beneath your braids, hydration is definitely key.

You can moisturize your hair by adding a small amount of leave-in conditioner to a spray bottle containing water. Gently spritz your hair with this. Try not to soak your braids, the aim is to moisturize and not soak. If your braid hair is extremely dry, you can massage oil onto your scalp and roots for some extra moisture. 

The best way to prepare your hair to be wrapped is to lay it in the direction of the style that you wish to do the next day. This will make styling easier. However, try not to manipulate your hair too much when you sleep as this could cause damage to your natural hair.

2. Use a silk/satin wrap.

Silk and satin are the best materials to use to cover and protect your braids while you sleep.

Their smooth texture ensures that your headwrap doesn’t pull at your braid hair whilst you sleep. It also ensures that your hair stays in place as you sleep, no matter how much of a restless sleeper you are.

A satin or silk scarf is really good for this. However, the best investment that you can make is to invest in a satin or silk bonnet. These are elasticated and are great for staying in place whilst remaining comfortable and easy to wear whilst you sleep.

3. The right bedding.

If you are a restless sleeper, or just somehow always end up waking up without your head wrap, this is definitely just for you.

The best solution is to invest in a satin or silk bed set. This is basically your pillowcases and sheet. This material ensures that your braid hair isn’t caught in material and messed up.

Although this is a good solution for someone who can’t keep a bonnet on, it certainly isn’t a better option. Although it protects your style, it does not aid in retaining moisture. The best solution would be to have both a bonnet and the right bedding, to cover all corners.

Cool Styles For Braids

We’ve just chatted about putting your braids in the direction of your desired style for the next day, however, many people don’t have the time or energy to think of new styles for their braids.

I have put together a list of some cool styles for braids to help you out, let’s take a look:

Braids with bangs.

I’m pretty sure that at one point or another, we have all attempted to pull off bangs. This is a great way to take a wig or extensions to the next level, but let’s not forget that you can style your braids with bangs too!

You can even up your braid bangs game a notch by adding some hair jewelry to them as well. Whether you choose some beads or fancier jewels, this is definitely a style to try.

Braids, braids, and more braids.

Styling your braids in a ponytail or a bun is definitely a common style, but something less popular and super chic (if done right) is definitely styling your braids in braids.

This might sound a little confusing but it’s actually quite simple. It is basically separating your braid hair into portions to create plaits/braids, as you would with your natural hair.

There is so much room for creativity here and so many different braids to try. Whether it be a French braid or a simple fish plait, this is a form of braid styling that is simply gorgeous.

Bows and braids.

Not so long ago, there was a super stunning trend circling that had everyone trying the iconic Mini Mouse bow, made with their hair.

However, this wasn’t a style that was easily adapted by the braiding community, until now! There are so many different ways to rock this bow trend with your braids that can be really chic and creative.

Whether you have a low braid bow at the back or a high one at the top of your head, this is definitely a style that can be rocked by just about anyone.

Final Thoughts

Your braids are definitely not meant to cause you any lasting pain. Although there are methods to relieve the pain, it definitely isn’t recommended that you keep this in as they can cause some major damage.

If styling braids that have less braid hair, and are lighter, has been your concern then you really don’t have to stress. We have shared a few ways that you can do this and there are so many more out there. Happy styling!


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