How Many Clip In Hair Extensions Do I Need For A Full Head? ANSWERED!

Extensions have become crazy popular among women over the years and millions of women have invested in them. If you are looking for a less permanent method of extensions, clip-ins are the way to go, but how many will you need for a full head?

You will need an average of 6-9 packs of clip-in hair extensions for a full head if you have thick hair and 6-7 packs if you have thin hair, assuming that each pack contains 20 strands of 1g per strand. This depends on your hair’s length as shorter, thicker hair will require more hair to blend in naturally than finer, longer hair.

Keep reading to find out exactly how many packs of clip-in extensions you will need to complete a full head, as well as how to properly install them so that they last as long as possible!

Deeper Look Into How Many Clip-In Hair Extensions You’ll Need

A full head of extensions generally ranges from 5-9 packs of hair, assuming that each pack contains 20 strands, 1g per strand. Fine hair that is shoulder length should only require 5-6 packs of hair, whereas thick to medium density hair that is shorter may require 10-12 packs as you need to blend the longer hair in with the thicker, shorter hair.

Take a look at the table below for a closer look!

Hair LengthHair TypeNumber of Packs Required For Full HeadStrands Required For Full Head
LongFine/Thin 5-6 packs50-60 strands
MediumMedium10 packs70 strands
ShortThick12 packs70-80 strands
Table Showing How Many Hair Extensions For a Full Head Installation

For the majority of clients, you will need at least 5 packs or 100 strands of hair extensions. If you aren’t sure, I recommend first booking a consultation with a stylist to get a professional evaluation.

For fine/thin hair, from your occipital bone down, it will take about 50- 60 strands; from your occipital up to the crown of your head, it will require 50-60 strands.

Alternatively, medium/thick hair from your occipital bone down will require 60- 80 strands; from your occipital bone up towards the crown, of your head it will require 50-80 strands.

A general rule of thumb to remember is if the client’s hair is thicker or shorter, chances are you will require more packs of extensions in order to be able to blend them in naturally.

How Do You Clip In A Full Head Of Extensions?

How To Apply Full Head Of Clip In Hair Extensions (3 Rows)

As mentioned before, you will need 5-9 packs for a full head of clip-in extensions. It is very important to know how to clip in your extensions correctly so that they are not visible to the naked eye and so that they blend properly.

The best way to install clip-in extensions on a full head for a natural appearance is to make sure that you use the 3-clip wefts for the back of your head, and 4-clip wefts or higher should be used for the middle of your head or the highest point of your head. This leaves the 2-clip and 1-clip wefts for the front of your head.

Here is a full guide on how to clip in a pack of 10 pieces:

Step 1.

Wash, blow-dry, and style your own hair before you start. Ensure that your extensions are also washed, dried, and styled separately to fit your own hair.

Step 2.

Separate a thin section of hair at the nape of your neck and tie or clip the rest away.

Step 3.

Take a weft of 3 clips, measure it to your head and make sure that that piece fits your head perfectly and is not too long. Clip the middle clip on the weft to the center of your head as close to the root as possible. After that clip the left and the right side in as well. Ensure that it does not stick out past your hairline.

Step 4.

Untie the hair that was clipped up and gently brush through it without pulling on the clipped in extension. Separate a thin line above the clipped in the weft, make sure that it is a straight line and clip the remainder of the hair away.

Step 5 .

Measure the wefts to your head and use the piece that fits the best. Attach the piece to your head the same way as you clipped in the previous weft. Make sure the middle clip is in the center of your head and you have clipped it in as close to your roots as possible.

Step 6.

Separate the next part of your hair, it should be a straight line from ear to ear. The hair you have separated should be covering the previous clip that you clipped in. You are then going to clip the remainder of the hair away.

Step 7.

You are now going to use your largest weft in your pack, usually one with 4 clips. Measure this piece to your head and make sure it fits your head perfectly. This time you are going clip the 2 middle clips on the weft to the center of your head and the after that clip the sides as well.

Step 8.

You are going to repeat the separation process above the big weft you just clipped in. Use a 3 clip weft, measure it to your head, and then clip it in the same way you clipped the others in. Remember to clip the clips as close to your roots as possible and that the middle clip is at the center of your head.

Step 9 .

You are now going to move to the front of your head. Separate the hair 2 inches above your ear in a straight line and clip the remainder of the hair away.

Step 10.

Take your 2 clip weft and clip the clip closest to your hairline in first. Make sure that you do not clip it to close to your hairline that causes it to visible and secure the second clip.

Step 11.

Separate the hair above your 2 clip weft and clip the rest of the hair away. Take a 1 clip weft, clip it to any piece of hair in that section close to the root. Take the next 1 clip weft and clip it anywhere under the clips, close to your ear to fill any gaps.

Step 14 .

Repeat the same process on the other side of your head and you are done!

You can adjust the size or amount of wefts you use depending on your own hair’s thickness. If you use fewer pieces you will have to adjust it the process to the number of pieces you have.

By now you are probably wondering how long this process is going to take you? If you want to learn more, check out our article here for all you need to know about installing extensions.

How Long Can You Use Your Clip In Extensions?

Like most things in life, the better you look after it the longer it will last. If you are looking for long-lasting extensions, real Remy Human hair extensions will be your best option.

If you do invest in high-quality extensions, they can last from 3-6 months to in some cases more than a year, all depending on how often you wear it and how well it gets maintained. That said, human hair clip-in extensions last up to 3-6 months whilst synthetic clip-in extensions last up to 2-3 months.

Here are a few quick tips on how to keep your extensions in good condition:

  • Wash your extensions regularly.
  • Comb your extensions as gently and thoroughly as possible, and as regularly as possible.
  • Do not shower with your extensions. Take them out and wash and dry them separately.
  • Always take them out before you go to bed, as if it gets left in it can cause damage to your own hair and cause your extensions to get knotty.
  • When going swimming or having a day on the beach avoid wearing your extensions.
  • Always remember it only takes 5 minutes to clip your extensions in and out. So rather do that instead of causing damage to your hair or your extensions.

It is very important to remember to take care of your own hair as well, especially if you intend on wearing your extensions every day. Here are a few flash tips on looking after your own hair:

  • Wash, condition, and treat your hair with products that nourish your hair and replaces the moisture lost.
  • Try to use heat as little as possible, because heat tools often dry out your hair.
  • Always keep a close eye on your hair and the condition it is in, which will give you an indication of what products your hair needs and how much heat it can take at that stage.

Final Thoughts

A full head of clip-in extensions is an amazing way to get the volume and the length of hair that you desire. It is imperative that you clip them in properly and take care of the extensions and your own hair. Follow all these steps and you will enjoy your extensions for a good period of time!


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