Which Hair Is Best For Crochet Braids?

If you’re wanting to try crochet braids but aren’t sure what hair extension you need to buy, you’ve come to the right place. From some trial and error and the expertise of my hairstylist, I have narrowed down the answer. Take a look!

The best hair for crochet braids is Kanekalon hair, roughly 4-8 packs. It’s the only synthetic fiber that resembles natural hair in terms of styling and smoothness but still retains the dense texture needed for crochet braids as using natural hair would slip out of place. If you want crochet box braids, FreeTress Braid Box Braids are the way to go.

Take a look at the table below for a more concise comparison of the different types of hair extensions you can use for crochet braids:

Extension TypeHair TypePrice Per PackProduct Link
01.Kanekalon HairStraight crochet braids$2.10Click Here
02.Freetress HairCurly crochet braids / Crochet box braids$9.97Click Here
03.Marley HairTwist crochet braids$17.38Click Here
Table Showing A Comparison Of The Different Types Of Hair Extensions For Crochet Braids

Keep reading if you’d like to learn exactly how to not only install crochet braids but also exactly how to prep your hair before getting your crochet hair so that you can avoid any hair damage. Plus, how to wash and remove your crochet braids safely.

How To Install Crochet Braids

How To Install Crochet Braids

Before we jump into the steps of how to install crochet braids, here are some tips you need to know in order to prep your natural hair to prevent any hair damage from your crochet braids. Take a look at what these tips are:

  • Ensure your hair is healthy and clean before you try to install crochet braids or any sort of protective style. 
  • Ensure your hair is hydrated and moisturized prior to getting crochet braids. Given that you’ll have the braids in for a few weeks at a time, you need to ensure your hair isn’t dry, and it will cause hair damage. 
  • Ensure that you use your best judgment to space and section off your hair properly. When you have installed most of the hair extensions, feel and glance around and ‘alter’ where required.
  • Add more hair where you may need more volume or take out hair where it feels excessively thick. Having too many hair sections on a small section of natural hair can cause hair damage.
  • Be cautious once you get to the front of your hair (your hairline); you might need to use smaller or thinner pieces of hair, this is so that the knots are less obvious and visible, and neater. The hair on your hairline is fragile, so you need to work with smaller sections.

Here’s a step-by-step method on how to install your crochet braids on your own:

  • Step 01: Cornrow your natural hair 
  • Step 02: Add the crochet hair extensions one small step at a time with a crochet needle  (or bobby pin. 
  • Step 03: Slide the needle under the cornrow (the latch should be closed). 
  • Step 04: Open the latch, hook the hair extensions onto the needle then close the latch. 
  • Step 05: Pull the needle and hairpiece under the cornrow until a medium-sized hoop is created. 
  • Step 06: Right now you should have a loop on one side of the cornrow and its  ‘tails’ on the opposite side. 
  • Step 07: Fold the tails over the cornrow then put them through the loop. Try not to tighten it yet. 
  • Step 08: Twist the loop with your fingers then put the tails through the loop once more. Do this one more time then you can pull to tighten and secure the hair extensions. 
  • Step 09: Your first crochet ‘stitch’ should now be secured. 
  • Step 10: Repeat the above steps until you’ve done your entire head.

How To Take Care Of Crochet Braids

How To Care For Your Crochet Braids

If you’d like to find out exactly how to maintain your crochet braids so that they last longer and stay looking as good as new, Take a look below!

The best way to take care of your crochet braids is to ensure that you keep your hair and braids hydrated and moisturized by spraying a mixture of aloe vera water and sulfate-free leave-in conditioner at least twice a week and only washing your crochet braids once every 2 weeks. When going to bed, wear a satin or silk bonnet to protect your hair.

Keep reading to find out how to wash your crochet braids without ruining them!

Washing crochet braids has to be the most annoying thing about them. Washing them as you would wash your own hair or even a weave will definitely damage your crochet braids.

A few people don’t wash their hair while they wear crochet braids; don’t be like these people. You can most likely pull this off on the off chance that you don’t leave your crochet braids in for longer than 3 weeks, and your natural hair is very healthy before installing the braids.

There are a lot of methods to washing your crochet braids effectively without ruining them, but the easiest way to do it is as follows:

Step 01: Mix 2 parts sulfate-free shampoo with one part water in a spritz bottle and spray your scalp (you can also use a co-wash).

Step 02: You can softly knead your scalp with the pads of your fingers to work the shampoo in. 

Step 03: Gently rinse out the mixture you used to clean your scalp with lukewarm water. 

Step 04: If you did not use a co-wash,  condition your hair using the spritz bottle as you did with the shampoo.

Step 05: Rinse out the conditioner using either cool or lukewarm water.

Step 06: Wrap a microfiber towel around your hair to partially dry your hair by absorbing excess water.

Step 07: Let your hair air dry completely.

Step 08:  Apply hair oil or hair moisturiser to your scalp. 

The above method is concentrating on your scalp instead of the additional hair. You can wash and condition the hair extensions, but that depends on the sort of hair extensions you have used.

Be certain your hair dries completely so you don’t run into the issue of having mold in your hair. A few people prefer not to get their hair extensions wet for this very reason. 

How To Remove Crochet Braids

Removing your crochet braids is a process you don’t have to go to the salon to spend money on. It simply requires you to cut your hair extensions to the length of your natural hair then unravel your cornrows. Take a look at the video below for more details:


Related Questions

How long do crochet braids last?

Crochet braids can last up to four-eight weeks with proper care and maintenance, such as moisturizing twice weekly, washing, cleansing every two weeks, and keeping your braids and hair protected when going to bed by wearing a satin bonnet.


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