How Long Does It Take To Braid Hair?

My best memories of getting my hair braided as a kid were all the snacks I’d get to have because the process took forever.

So in that time, they’d give me just about anything I wanted to placate me. Nowadays it’s almost ludicrous to spend an entire day braiding your hair. Keep reading to find out exactly how long braiding hair takes!

Braiding hair can take anywhere from four to eight hours on average. Braiding time depends on how skilled your braider is, how thick or thin your braids are, how long your braids are, and what your hair type is as well as what condition your natural hair is in beforehand as having to detangle before braiding slows the process down.

Take a look at the table below to see a comparison of different braids to get an idea of how long each style takes to braid:

Braid TypesBraiding Time At SalonBraiding Time At HomePriceHow Long They Last
01.Box Braids4 – 8 hours8 – 10 hours$100 – $3006 – 8 weeks
02.Faux Locs4 – 5 hours8 – 10 hours$150 – $3004 -6 weeks
03.Cornrows15 minutes – 4 hours15 minutes – 4 hours$50 – $1006 weeks
04.Ghana Braids (cornrows with hair extensions)2 hours2 – 3 hours$120 – $2002 weeks
05.Twists6 hours6 hours$120 – $220± 2 months
06.Micro Braids6 – 12 hours6 – 20 hours$180 – $4003 months
07.Yarn Braids4 – 8 hours8 – 10 hours$125 – $3005 – 8 weeks
08.French Braids90 seconds – 10 minutes90 seconds – 20 minutes$50 – $1206 weeks
09.Tree Braids3 – 6 hours5 – 10 hours$150 – $2004 – 6 weeks
Table Showing How Long It Takes To Braid Hair

If you’re new to getting your hair braided and would like to know how to prepare not only your hair but yourself as well for getting your hair braided, then keep reading! Plus, product recommendations are highly reviewed.

How To Prepare For Braids

Before getting your hair braided, the most important thing is to make sure your natural hair is at its healthiest so you can avoid hair damage. To learn how to do this, keep reading!

The best way to prep for braids is to ensure that your natural hair is moisturized, cleansed, and nourished. You can do this by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner when your hair is dry, follow-up with a moisturizer and hair oil. Then the day before braiding your hair, apply a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair.

Keep reading to find out more on how to prepare for getting your hair braided!

1. Know what you want

Before you get braids do your research and find out what you want and can have. Know what type of braids you want. Box braids, Senegalese twists, tree braids, Marley twists, there are many choices and it’s crucial you know beforehand what style you need so you can purchase the correct hair extensions and find the best braider for the style.

Gemma Moodie, a Natural Hair Specialist at Hype Coiffure Battersea, encourages women to chat with their braider about what might suit their hair before they start, talk to your braider about what braids will suit your hair type the best. Discuss chemical treatments and the state of your hair to see if it is healthy enough to braid.

At that point consider what size and length of braids are best for you. In the event that the plaits are too thick and long, they may cause harm and breakage along your hairline, because of their strain and weight on them.

2. Prep your hair

How To Prep Natural Hair For Box Braids! No Heat!

Your hair will be concealed for a few months, so you need to ensure it’s in the best condition before you braid it. Wash it, condition it with a rinse-out conditioner, and deep-condition the day before you braid it to ensure your hair is moisturized, healthy, and nourished prior to braiding,

The Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia is perfect for adding moisture to your hair. You can purchase it for only $12.95 from Amazon.

Additionally on the off chance that you usually prefer to use a co-wash on your hair, when prepping your hair for braids you should switch back to cleansing and clarifying shampoo to dispose of any build-up on the lengths of your hair.

The Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo is extraordinary for clarifying and purifying without stripping the hair. You can purchase it from Amazon for only $26.00.

3. Stretch your hair

Just as detangling your hair, you’ll also have to stretch your natural hair to guarantee that your braids or twists are really smooth and not frizzy when you first braid your hair.

If you’re not against using heat on your hair then you should blow-dry your hair in sections with a paddle brush to stretch your hair (ensure you’re using a heat protectant on your hair before applying heat to it).

If you are against using heat on your hair, that is fine, you can still effectively stretch your hair by moisturizing your hair then doing a basic braid out or partitioning your hair into buns after washing it and letting it air-dry completely.

4. Find a trained hairstylist

As tempting as it is to save a few bucks by getting your neighborhood’s self-taught braider to do your hair because then you can get it braided in the comfort of your own home, do not do this. Whilst you’ll be saving money on braiding your hair, the money you’ll have to use to buy products to repair hair damage later won’t be worth it!

A trained hairstylist will know how to work with various hair types, and they won’t braid your hair too tightly. As we know, braids that are too tight can lead to an irreversible hair loss known as traction alopecia.

Plus, with a trained hairstylist, you can expect a higher sense of professionalism. They will be less likely to take phone calls or run errands in between braiding your hair!

5. Clear your schedule

Just like most works of art, braiding can be time-consuming, so be sure to set aside your day for the task. Don’t be surprised if your braider takes longer to braid your hair if you have requested thing braids that reach halfway down your back.

All things considered, a quick braider can finish medium-sized braids in roughly six hours.

If you are getting your braids done for an event, then I highly recommended not braiding your hair the day of. Not only do you risk your hair not being done in time, but you will also be in a considerable amount of discomfort, which is normally on the first day of getting braids, so you won’t be able to style your braids.

Related Questions

How long does your hair have to be to get box braids?

Ideally, your hair should be 4-inches in order to braid your hair into box braids or any braids, really. That said, some very skilled braiders can braid hair as short as 2-inches long. Just remember that the longer your hair, for any type of braiding, the more versatile and creative you can be with the style and designs.


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