Do Braids Add To Your Weight?

If you have braids and have recently stepped on a scale and wondered if that number was all you or your braids might have added to your weight. You’re not alone.

I mean, it could be the braids, right? Well, I’ve managed to get some answers to that question, take a look!

Braids don’t add to your weight as the average weight of a pack of hair extensions is only 4oz. That said, braids can feel heavy on your head if they are too thick, you have a sensitive scalp, you’ve used a lot of hair extensions to braid your hair. Removing your braids or wearing them in a high bun may relieve some of the weight from your scalp.

Keep reading to find out how to relieve tension and discomfort caused by heavy braids. Plus, an alternative step-by-step method of braid box braids, which we know is heavier than other braids, won’t make your braids feel heavy. Take a look!

How To Relieve Tension From Heavy Braids

How To Reduce The Weight Of Your Heavy Braids

It’s no secret that having heavy braids can lead not only lead to head and neck pain, but it can also cause damage. If you want to find out to ease and relieve tension caused by heavy braids, keep reading!

To relieve tension from heavy braids, remove your braids, or tie your hair in a high bun if that’s not an option. That said, this may cause some discomfort or pain if your braids are still new. Wearing your braids in tight updos could cause hair loss like traction alopecia, so try to use a few hair extensions when braiding to prevent heavy braids.

Keep reading if you’d like to find out how to create no-tension box braids using a weave net. This will help you avoid feeling the tension and strain of braids that tend to be heavier such as box braids. This tutorial is super easy and you get flawless, painless results, take a look!

What you’ll need:

  • Weave net
  • Curved needle
  • Thread used for weaving hair
  • Hair extensions

Step 1: Braid your natural hair

Braid your natural hair into average-sized cornrows as neatly as possible as this will be the foundation of your braids. Do not braid your hair too tightly as this can lead to other problems making heavy braids will be the least of your worries.

Step 2: Secure your weave net

Wear a weave net over your head, preferably one that matches your skin tone so it doesn’t stand out too much. With the curved needle and weaving thread, secure the weaving net by sewing down onto the front of your cornrows. This will also protect your edges and baby hairs,

Step 3: Start crochet the hair extensions on

Now that your weave net is secure it’s time to start crocheting. Do not crochet the braids onto your cornrows as this may damage your natural hair (especially your edges); crochet the braids onto the weaving net. 

To crochet your hair extensions:

  • Add the crochet hair extensions one small step at a time with a crochet needle. 
  • Slide the needle under the cornrow (the latch should be closed). 
  • Open the latch, hook the hair extensions onto the needle then close the latch. 
  • Pull the needle and hairpiece under the cornrow until a medium-sized hoop is created. 
  • Right now you should have a loop on one side of the cornrow and its  ‘tails’ on the opposite side. 
  • Fold the tails over the cornrow then put them through the loop. Try not to tighten it yet. 
  • Twist the loop with your fingers then put the tails through the loop once more. Do this one more time then you can pull to tighten and secure the hair extensions. 
  • Your first crochet ‘stitch’ should now be secured. 

Step 4: Braid the hair extensions

Braid your extensions as you normally would with box braids, then keep crocheting and braid till your whole head is done. If you want to save time, then you can find hair extensions for crocheting that are already braided, so all you have to do is crochet them on instead of crocheting AND braiding.

Pro Tip: If you have opted for pre-braided crochet box braids, then you might find they’re on the thicker side which can make them heavier. If that is the case, this is what you can do to relieve the discomfort:

  • Take a few pieces/strands of loose hair extensions that still need to be braided and crochet them through the start or base of your crochet box braids that are heavy and causing tension.
  • Pull the strands to lift the heavy braids then secure them on the other side of the braid.
  • To secure this new addition of hair extensions, cross them over to the other side of the braid, crochet, and secure.

This style is sure to give you beautiful yet comfortable box braids that do not cause any stress or discomfort on your hairline, head, and neck due to being too heavy. Try it for yourself!

Final Thoughts

So as we’ve cleared up in this article, braids will not add significantly to your body weight. This does not mean that the heavy and strenuous feeling your braids are giving you isn’t real. Braids can be heavy and cause headaches and hair damage.

So, whenever possible, do not make your braids too thick, and use fewer hair extensions when braiding your hair.

Related Questions

How do you get rid of painful hair bumps from braids?

Bumps or rash caused by braids could be a sign that your braids are too tight. Try applying a damp, warm towel to your head to loosen the braids. Rubbing aloe vera and coconut oil on your scalp and massaging gently using the pads of your fingertips twice weekly may also help the affected area.

If you still feel no relief after 4 days, remove your braids immediately.

Are Jumbo braids heavy?

Jumbo box braids are definitely heavier than normal box braids so avoid jumbo braids wherever possible. Normal box braids are not only lighter, but still, on the thicker side, they also don’t put as much strain on your hairline and cause fewer headaches and neck pain.

How many days does it take for braids to loosen up?

Experiencing discomfort or some pain after braiding your hair is completely normal. That said, this discomfort should not last for more than 2-3 days, during this time, taking mild painkillers will help to ease the tension and discomfort.

If the pain persists for longer than a week, then you need to remove your braids before they cause irreversible hair damage.


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