Does Dry Hair Grow Slower Or Faster? Here’s The Truth!

Could dry hair be stopping you from having the long and luscious locks you desire? This is a question many people have, so I’ve done some digging to find out whether dry hair grows slower or faster than healthy hair, and here is what I discovered.

Dry hair generally grows slower than normal hair. Dry hair will still continue to grow, however, without enough moisture and nourishment it will take longer to grow as dry hair is prone to breakage and shedding. Dry hair is usually due to damage and needs to be treated with the correct products and care for it to grow.

Keep on reading to learn how you can prevent dry hair and help it grow faster and healthier! 

5 Ways To Make Dry Hair Grow Faster

How To Grow Natural Hair Faster

Damaged and dry hair needs extra care and attention for it to grow faster. Dry hair grows slower than it should as it doesn’t have access to enough nutrients or moisture to help it grow.

The speed at which hair grows is different for each person but can be influenced by age, stress levels, hormones, hair care routine and practices, and diet. To prompt dry hair to grow faster, try some of the tips below!  

01. Massage your scalp with nourishing oils

To promote hair growth it is recommended that you massage your scalp often as it will stimulate the hair follicles. Hair needs its natural oils to stay hydrated and grow healthily, as without these oils your hair will be brittle and prone to breakage, Massaging your scalp will also stimulate the production of these oils and will aid with hair growth.

Invest in a scalp massage brush. These can be found at most local beauty supply stores or drug stores and will help you to really get the full benefit of a scalp massage.

Before hair wash day, massage your scalp with a nourishing oil to hydrate the roots and promote hair growth. Castor oil contains vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins and is known for its hair growth properties.

This oil actually reinforces the keratin in the hair and will help it to grow stronger and faster. Castor oil is also available at most drugstores, try and purchase cold-pressed castor oil as this will have the best results.

You can also purchase castor oil off Amazon if you cannot find it in your local store.

02. Do your final hair rinse with cold water

When you take a hot shower the hair cuticle opens and moisture can leave the hair. By doing your final rinse with cold water you are effectively sealing the cuticle and sealing in all the moisture! This step will strengthen your hair and help it to grow a lot faster (it’ll also give it a great shine)!

03. Take a multivitamin or hair growth supplement

To support healthy hair growth, consider taking a multivitamin or hair growth supplement. Sometimes our bodies don’t get enough nutrients we need for hair growth from the foods we are eating and these supplements may boost your hair growth.

Biotin is a great hair growth supplement and is known to help with hair health and growth. When looking for a multivitamin or supplement also look for ones that contain fish oils, iron, Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc as these are said to bring about the best results!

04. Keep your scalp clean

It is also so important to keep your scalp clean if you are trying to grow your hair. Although it may seem like dry hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as normal or oily hair, it actually does need to be washed regularly!

Your scalp clings on to product and sebum and this build-up can clog your hair follicles. Even products like dry shampoo, if used too often, can clog the hair follicles. Clogged hair follicles prevent the hair from growing at a normal pace and this can be a real hindrance to your hair growth!

Make sure you are washing your hair regularly with natural shampoos so that you do not strip the hair of moisture, a clean and healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth and reduce the risk of any scalp conditions (such as dandruff, pimples or sores, and fungus) that may negatively affect hair growth.

05. Get regular trims or haircuts

Finally, make sure you are getting your hair trimmed or cut regularly. It may seem counterproductive to cut your hair if you are trying to grow it but it really does make a difference. Dry hair is prone to split ends which are known to halt hair growth.

Split ends lead to a lot more breakage and the hair splits further up the hair shaft the longer you leave it. If the hair keeps splitting your hair won’t grow and your hair may even start to appear thinner than it is. By trimming your hair regularly, every 3 months or so, you will have less ‘dead’ hair on the ends and this will reduce breakage and promote faster hair growth.

3 Tips On How To Prevent Dry Hair

Tip 01. Keep to a healthy diet

When trying to avoid dry hair it is important to nourish it both internally and externally. To promote healthy hair growth and a healthy head of hair you should be eating a balanced diet full of a variety of different proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet will also help to minimize the additional effects of hormone imbalance and its effects on your hair.

Tip 02. Avoid using harsh and drying products on your hair

You should avoid any shampoos or hair styling products that contain sulfates or high alcohol content. Products with these ingredients are too harsh and drying on the hair and will strip it of any moisture and oils.

Instead, opt for sulfate- and alcohol-free products with hydrating and moisture-rich ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter, or argan oil. Also, avoid bleaching or dying your hair as hair dye contains ammonia and peroxide which can also strip the hair of moisture.

Tip 03. Avoid using heat tools to style your hair

Finally, try as much as you can to avoid styling your hair using heat tools like hairdryers, hair straighteners, or curling tongs. Heat tools can damage the hair shaft and cuticle and dry out the hair over time.

Instead, allow your hair to air dry and style it using accessories or different hairstyles. If you do need to use heat tools then at least make sure you have invested in a good quality heat protectant spray so that you can prevent any severe damage.

Final Thoughts

When trying to grow your hair just remember that everyone’s hair grows at a different pace and no single solution is going to work for everyone. To ensure that your hair is healthy and hydrated and growing, you need to implement the ideas mentioned above in your routine consistently and be patient as it won’t just grow to the length you want overnight!

If you are really struggling to grow your hair and you can’t wait that long you can always invest in some hair extensions as these will give you the length you’re seeking instantly!

Related Questions

How can I make my hair look less dry after it has dried?

If you have already styled your hair and it looks dry and damaged your best bet is to apply hair oil to the ends of your hair. Apply a few drops of hair oil such as avocado oil or argan oil to the palms of your hand and warm it up slightly by rubbing your palms together. Run your hands through the lengths and ends of your hair to evenly distribute the product. This will give your hair a boost of hydration and make it look less dry in a matter of seconds.


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