Clip-In Hair Extensions Always Getting Tangled? PROBLEM SOLVED!

Clip-in hair extensions are great for adding extra length and volume to your hair, but one of the biggest concerns for clip-in hair extension wearers is that they seem to tangle. I’ve looked into this so that I can provide you with the best answer as to why your extensions are getting tangled!

Clip-in hair extensions can get tangled if you sleep with them on, do not allow them to air dry completely before you wear them, and if the hair bundles used to make the extensions are low-quality instead of Remy human hair where the hair cuticle on each strand should run in one direction for the hair to be smooth and not tangled.

Keep reading below to unpack in more detail exactly what is causing your clip-in extensions to get tangled, how you can remove the tangles, and what you can do to prevent this from happening in the future!

6 Tips To Prevent Your Extensions From Getting Tangled Again

To prevent the cuticle from being unraveled and the hair extensions from becoming tangled, you should definitely make note of the following tips!

To prevent your clip-in hair extensions from getting tangled, always apply a wig-friendly, sulfate-free rinse-out conditioner after shampooing to smoothen the hair and restore some moisture to your extensions. Human hair extensions that are hydrated and moisturized are less like to become tangled or damaged.

By following a good hair care routine and maintaining your extensions correctly you can reduce the risk of them tangling again!

01. Poor quality extensions tangle more than others

If you are due to replace your extensions and it is within your budget, make sure you invest in remy hair extensions! As explained above, remy hair extensions have hair cuticles that are intact and run in the same direction, making extension tangling a problem of the past!

Although remy hair extensions can be pricey, they are totally worth it!

02. Wash your extensions regularly

You should also wash your extensions and hair regularly to prevent product, sebum and dirt build-up. Build-up on the hair and in the extensions can become sticky and cause the hair to tangle and become matted. By keeping your hair and extensions clean, you can avoid a greasy tangled mess!

03. Stay away from poor-quality products

Also make sure you are using the right products on your extensions. Opt for products recommended by your hair stylist or a professional as using regular products on your extensions may damage them. Regular hair products are often too harsh to use on extensions and can dry them out and strip the hair cuticle, causing breakage and tangling.

The more natural the better, so try and stick to sulfate-free and alcohol-free products with moisturizing ingredients such as argon oil or Shea butter. You can also use a drop of hair oil on the ends of the hair to prevent frizz and dryness.

04. Style with care

When styling your hair, avoid teasing your extensions. The act of teasing, also known as back-combing, can disrupt the direction of the hair cuticle and this can lead to frizz, tangling and split ends!

It is also imperative that you avoid heat exposure as this can also dry out the hair and damage the hair cuticle which will increase the risk of tangles. Instead of using a hairdryer, allow your extensions to air dry overnight.

05. Do not swim or shower with your hair extensions in

Never swim with your hair extensions in. The chlorine or excess salt in the pool or sea water will dry out your extensions and cause some serious tangles! The water can also cause the hair to oxidize and change color!

If you would like to learn more about the effects of water on your extensions, check out out article here.

06. Do not sleep with your extensions in

Lastly, do not sleep with your hair extensions in. The friction between the hair and your pillows and sheets may cause static and damage the hair cuticle. Tangles that occur overnight can become almost impossible to remove in the morning! Remove your extensions before bed every night!

Just remember, it’s easier to prevent tangles than to remove them!

How To Remove Tangles From Hair Extensions In 6 Easy Steps!

The safest way to remove tangles from your clip-in hair extensions is to apply roughly 2 tablespoons of any sulfate-free, wig-friendly detangling cream to the length and ends of your hair extensions, avoiding the wefts, before combing through the extensions with a wig-friendly comb. To do this, gently comb from the ends working up to the wefts.

If you are struggling to detangle your extensions and they’re all caught up in your natural hair, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Divide the hair into sections

If your extensions are tangled you are going to want to work in smaller sections as this will make the task so much easier and more manageable! Firstly, divide the hair into smaller sections or layers and secure them with hair clips or hair ties so that you can work on one layer at a time.

Step 2: Use a detangling lotion

Secondly, use an extension-friendly detangling lotion or spray. Once the hair is divided it will make it easier to spray the solution directly on the extensions. This step is essential as the solution will help to soften the hair and make the tangles loosen. The detangling solution will also remove any static from the hair.

Step 3: Comb through the hair

Next, once the detangling lotion has been sprayed on the extensions, use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush out the tangles. A wide-tooth comb is recommended as it is more gentle on the extensions and will reduce breakage and damage to the hair.

Make sure that when you’re combing the hair, you are doing so gently and carefully as you do not want to accidentally rip the extensions. Brush the ends of each section of hair first until they are tangle free and then work your way up to near the roots.

Step 4: Wash the extensions

The next step is to wash out the detangling lotion and any product or dirt build-up that could be making the hair sticky! Product build-up in the hair can make the tangles worse, so you want to make sure that the hair is washed thoroughly.

When shampooing, make sure you do not scrub at the hair as this could disrupt the hair cuticle further. It is also so important that you do not brush the extensions while they are wet as this could cause breakage!

Step 5: Dry the extensions

Next, you’re going to want to dry the extensions. The best way to do this is to allow them to air-dry. Heat exposure from a hairdryer or any heat tools could dry out the hair more than it needs to be and this can make the hair more prone to tangles.

Step 6: Comb through the hair again and treat

Once the hair extensions are completely dry, you need to comb through them one more time to remove any minor tangles that could have developed during the washing or drying process. Detangle the hair gently using your wide-tooth comb.

Once you have detangled the hair, apply a drop or two of extension-friendly hair oil to the ends of the extension. Hair oils are amazing for conditioning and adding moisture to dry hair extensions as they help to smooth down the hair cuticle and make the hair soft and manageable!

Why Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Get Tangled?

An additional reason clip-in hair extensions get tangled is to do with the hair cuticle. When the hair cuticle on each hair strand is stripped or becomes damaged, it can fray and face in different directions. This then causes the individual hair strands to become entangled with each other.

Remy hair extensions are the recommended choice as it means that the hair cuticles flow in one direction and are intact. In cheaper quality hair extensions, the hair cuticle is sometimes stripped and damaged in the manufacturing process. Cheaper hair extensions, often made from multiple hair donor samples, are referred to as ‘non-remy’.

Non-remy hair extension usually have hair cuticles that run in different directions as the hair has been sourced from various different donors, which means that the natural flow of the hair cuticles for different strands is different. Each time you brush broken hair cuticles the cuticles become more damaged and unravel further.

Using the incorrect products (not extension-friendly) on your hair extensions can dry out the hair and leave the strands feeling hard and brittle. If your extensions are dry this can cause the hair to become frizzy and unruly and this can make the hair fibers tangle more easily. The lack of moisture in the hair can also make the hair more difficult to manage.


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