Can You Put Coconut Oil In Dry Hair? ANSWERED!

If you’re wanting to give your hair some TLC and are wondering if you can apply coconut oil straight to dry hair, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Coconut oil can be put in dry hair or hair that is 80% dry as dry hair makes it easier for the coconut oil to penetrate your hair strands. A great way to apply coconut oil is to focus its application on your ends and hair’s length, then wait 30 minutes or overnight before rinsing it out, or you can let it dry in your hair as a leave-in conditioner.

I’ve been using coconut oil on my hair for quite some time now, never knowing that I was applying it the wrong way. Yes, there is a wrong way.

With the help of my hairstylist, I managed to remedy this. If you’re curious as to what the right way is, keep reading!

How To Apply Coconut Oil On Dry Hair

The most effective way to apply coconut oil on dry hair is to use it a pre-shampoo step to protect your hair from drying out due to your shampoo. You can do this by applying warm coconut oil to your hair’s length and ends the night before or an hour before you wash your hair and let the coconut oil moisturise and hydrate your hair.

Coconut oil is a versatile product when it comes to hair care and you know me, I love a versatile product! There are so many ways to use and apply coconut oil, just take a look for yourself:

1. As A Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Coconut oil is a great leave-in conditioner when applied to freshly washed hair, it can get rid of any frizziness. You simply need to:

  • Make sure your hair is clean but dry or damp (not wet). 
  • Start off with a small amount of coconut oil (you can always add more if it’s not enough). I’d say it’s best to start with about a pea size of coconut oil. Rub it into your palms to warm it up a bit.
  • Rub your coconut oil into the ends of your hair first then work your way up. Try to avoid putting coconut oil on your roots. Only apply it to your scalp if you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp.
  • Style your hair as per usual. Let the coconut oil dry in your hair naturally. Do not blow-dry your hair.

Insider Tip: You may think that you did not put enough coconut oil in your hair but do not put on a second coat. Coconut oil is actually sneakily heavy and if you use too much it can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy and limp.

2. As A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment will actually protect your hair from being dried out by your shampoo. The shampoo is designed to strip our hair of moisture.

By applying coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment you are strengthening your hair’s defenses against your shampoo. Here’s how to use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment:

  • Apply raw coconut oil onto your dry hair
  • Let it soak for between 15 to 20 minutes
  • Be sure to focus your application of the coconut oil on the ends of your hair, avoiding your scalp and roots
  • Rinse the coconut oil out with lukewarm water
  • Wash your hair as per usual with a shampoo and conditioner

3. As An Overnight Treatment

If your hair is dry or experiencing signs of being damaged then this coconut oil treatment is the answer to all your hair-related prayers! This is hands down my favorite coconut oil treatment. Here’s how to use it:

  • Make sure the coconut oil is at room temperature and that your hair is dry
  • Rub some coconut oil into your hands to warm it up a bit
  • Apply the coconut oil to your hair focusing on the roots, ends, and the crown of your head
  • Make sure that your hair is saturated in coconut oil. Do not soak your hair in coconut oil, just make sure you haven’t missed any hair when applying the coconut oil
  • Leave the coconut oil in your hair overnight 
  • Thoroughly rinse out the coconut oil from your hair using lukewarm water. You can even wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner.

Insider Tip: If you use this overnight mask, ensure that you are protecting your pillows from the coconut oil in your hair.

Even though this hair treatment requires you to leave the coconut oil in your hair overnight. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not it’s okay to do so. I’m here to ease your worries and to satisfy your curiosity. Keep reading to know more!

Can You Put Coconut Oil On Dry Hair Overnight?

You can put coconut oil on dry hair overnight as an intensive moisturizing treatment, provided that you wash it out after 8 hours as it can cause dirt and dust to stick to your hair which causes scalp itchiness, irritation and makes your hair greasy. That said, ensure that you apply ¼ teaspoon of warm coconut oil only to your ends and hair length.

There are actually so many benefits to leaving coconut oil in your hair overnight, such as:

  • Faster hair growth
  • Thicker hair
  • Moisturised and nourished hair
  • Prevention of split-ends

Need I say more? Coconut oil is filled with vitamins as well as essential fatty acids that allow it to work wonders on your hair. So by leaving your coconut oil in your hair overnight, you are actually growing and nourishing your hair while you sleep. Amazing!

Coconut oil has a lot of other benefits when it comes to hair care, it’ll make you want to throw away all your hair products and just stick to using coconut oil. See for yourself!

The Hair Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil acts as a natural emollient as it fills the gaps in hair strands that have been damaged. It also penetrates hair strands by encasing them to moisturise hair, soften hair, and fight lice, prevent dandruff and protect against split-ends and hair breakage. Thus creating the perfect environment for healthy hair growth and length retention.

1. Adds Moisture To Dry Hair

Coconut oil works great as a hair moisturizer or even a boost for your hair moisturizer. It hydrates and nourishes your hair without making it too greasy. If you have dry hair, coconut oil is a quick fix to remedying it. If your hair is damaged, applying coconut oil treatments can improve it considerably!

2. Detangles Hair

Coconut oil is great for detangling hair, just apply a small amount to your hair before combing through it. In fact, even focusing just on the sections that need to be detangled will be effective. 

Coconut oil will also help you to tame any flyaways and get rid of frizziness. A little always goes a long way when it comes to coconut oil.

3. Heat Protectant

Coconut oil is a great defense against hot styling tools and the harsh conditions of the sun. It can literally block up to 20% of the sun’s UV-rays. As we know, too much heat or sun exposure can damage your hair considerably.

That being said, if you want ultimate protection from heat damage, wear a hat when going out into the sun and give your hair a break from styling with hot tools!

4. Chemical Protectant

The worst part about having a pool day is knowing how harmful the chlorine is on your hair. The same goes for swimming in the ocean, saltwater isn’t any better! The chemicals in chlorine actually strip your hair of its moisture and leave it feeling brittle. 

Next time you want to go for a quick dip or have a beach day, apply coconut oil onto your hair. It will act as a barrier, almost like nature’s swimming cap!

5. Gets Rid Of Lice

This really surprised me about coconut oil! In a study conducted in 2002 with 940 children, it was found that coconut oil was able to completely get rid of lice in 92.3% of the children whilst the medicated lice treatments were able to get rid of lice in 92.2% of the children.

I don’t know about you, but I was blown away by this information. If it’s able to get rid of lice then surely it’s able to prevent lice?

Here’s how to apply coconut oil to get rid of lice:

  • Massage a generous amount of coconut oil into your hair and scalp.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap, immediately.
  • Leave the shower cap on for up to 8 hours in order to suffocate the lice.
  • Use a fine-tooth comb to comb out all the dead lice and nits in your hair.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.


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