Can You Put A Full Lace Wig In a High Ponytail? ANSWERED!

If you own a full lace wig, you’re probably dying to know how you can style it into a high ponytail! I’ve done some research and here is what I found.

Full lace wigs have lace around the entire circumference of the wig. Therefore, they can be styled in high ponytails, provided that you secure the wig properly to prevent it from slipping or falling off. The best way to secure your full lace wig if you intend on doing a high updo’s is to use wig glue to secure it to your head.

Keep reading to learn how to style your full lace wig into a high ponytail.

Preparing Your Wig For Styling Into A High Ponytail

In order for you to style your full lace wig into the perfect ponytail, you need to first make sure that you have properly prepped every aspect of your hair before you begin the styling process.

Before you style your wig into a high ponytail, you will need to prep it; this entails plucking your front and back hairline. When your wig is in its ponytail, the back of your wig will be exposed, so you need to create the illusion of a natural hairline at the back of your head by plucking baby hairs and getting rid of the extra lace.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do:

Stocking cap.

  • Step 01. Create a flat foundation. A great way to do this is to braid your natural hair straight back on your scalp.
  • Step 02. Clean your forehead. You can use alcohol to do this, just make sure that you have removed any residue that may affect how your lace sticks to your skin.
  • Step 03. Place a stocking cap on. Place the stocking cap on your head, then apply the adhesive on the line of your forehead.
  • Step 04. Blow-dry it. Use a blow-dryer to help dry the glue completely.
  • Step 05. Apply foundation. If you want, you can apply some foundation that matches your skin to make it appear more natural.

Applying Your Wig From The Front Side.

  • Step 01. Apply the glue. Make sure you apply it on your forehead directly and be sure to smooth it out.
  • Step 02. Press the lace down. After blow-drying it on a cool setting, press the lace down gently on your forehead.
  • Step 03. Cut the lace. Remove any excess strips of lace around your ears and forehead to make them look as natural and seamless as possible.
  • Step 04. Cut in a zigzag motion. Cut the lace in a zigzag motion instead of straight. The purpose of this is to give a more natural finish. You can also pluck the front side of the wig hairs.
  • Step 05. Add some hairspray. To blend the wig with your skin, add some hairspray.

Applying The Wig From The Back.

  • Step 01. Get a friend to pluck your wig from the back end to make it feel similar to your original hairs.
  • Step 02. Cut the extra lace away.
  • Step 03. Apply the adhesive on your neck, press down the lace, and finish by smoothing it out.
  • Step 04. Blow-dry it on cool to speed up the drying process.

Once the lace is firmly attached to your head, you can go ahead and style your hair into that gorgeous high ponytail or updo!

INSIDER TIP: You can apply mousse hair spray before making a high ponytail, for a sleek, soothing effect.

How To Put Your Full Lace Wig In a High PonyTail

How To Put Your Full Lace Wig In A High Ponytail

It is now time to style your gorgeous wig into a sleek, smooth ponytail!

To wear your full lace wig in a high ponytail, secure it onto your head, lay your edges as usual, and then detangle the wig using a paddle brush wide-tooth comb. After this, tilt your head forward and gather your hair into a ponytail position; brush through it until all the hair is gathered in your hand before securing it with a hair tie.

Take a look at these 5 easy steps to complete the look:

  • Step 01: Double-check that your wig is firmly in place by gently tugging at the edges.
  • Step 02: Gather all of your hair on the one side of your head and very gently pull it towards the spot on your head where you want the ponytail to sit. This is where you can decide whether you want a high or low or medium set ponytail.
  • Step 03: Repeat the above step with the remaining half of your wig hair. Next, secure your wig with a hairband. Repeat step two with the other half of your wig hair, and secure your wig with a cloth hairband. Please avoid using plastic or metal bands, as these can snag and damage your wig!
  • Step 04: Spray your wig with a strong setting spray to keep it in place.
  • Step 05: Lastly, look for any loose pieces of your natural hair and position them gently around the wig. The purpose of this is to create a more natural finish. If the style looks too perfect, this may be a giveaway that you are wearing a wig!

That’s it! You are all done. Now that you have a gorgeous updo of your dreams, let’s take a closer look at some additional benefits of your full lace wig that you can use to your advantage.

4 Additional Benefits Of A Full Lace Wig

A benefit of full lace wigs is that they can be parted anywhere; you can have a middle part one day and a side part the next. This adds to the realistic appearance of these wigs. They also hide any hair problems you have, like blading or hair thinning, as the lace cap mimics your scalp’s tone making the hair seem like it’s growing from your scalp.

1. Breathable.

One of the best features of a good wig is having great airflow beneath the wig. A wig that is too tightly fitted, with very little airflow, can be extremely uncomfortable for the wig wearer. It can end up being extremely hot causing the wearer to sweat unnecessarily. Lack of sufficient airflow through a wig is also extremely bad for your natural hair.

A full lace wig is one the best wigs for continuous airflow beneath your wig. The lace used for the base of the full lace wig is quite thin and delicate. This means that it is much easier for air to pass through your wig, to your natural hair and scalp. It also means that your wig wearing experience will be much cooler and more comfortable!

Want to learn more about full lace wigs and how to wear them as comfortably as possible? Check out our article here.

2. Natural Appearance.

Wefted wigs often fall short in this regard because of the harsh appearance of wig wefts. These wigs make it almost obvious that one is wearing a wig which is usually the furthest thing from what we actually want. The full lace wig is different in this regard.

As we have mentioned quite a bit throughout this topic, the full lace wig has individually sewn in wig hair strands. This gives the appearance that the wig hair is growing directly out of your scalp increasing the natural aesthetic of the wig.

3. Invisible Hairline

Taking a look at the hairline of most wigs, they are made in a way that tends to make it quite obvious that it is a wig and not your natural hair. The hairline is normally represented by a harsh line of bulk sewn-in hair that almost cuts off your forehead.

The full lace wig is the complete opposite in the sense that there is no obvious hairline. The combination of the extra 2mm of lace and the individually sewn in wig hair create a very natural looking hairline, known as invisible in comparison to the hairline of most other wigs.

4. Preset Edges

One of my personal pet peeves regarding wigs is the fact that the harsh hairline usually does not have any shorter wig hair around the front of the head. This is completely unnatural because most of us tend to have natural, shorter hair along our hairline, known as edges. We have to tuck our edges in when fitting our wigs, but wigs with harsh hairlines don’t offer replacements.

The full lace wig has this covered with most of them coming with precut edges upon purchase. This means that you are almost guaranteed a natural-appearing wig without the hassle of trying to cut your own edges.

Final Thoughts

Full lace wigs are the ideal wig for those of you who love to style your hair in different ways for various occasions! Full lace wigs are one of my personal favorites for this very reason, and I’m sure you can agree. As long as you prepare your wig correctly using the above-mentioned steps, you should have no problem achieving a flawless finish!


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