Can You Glue a Glueless Full Lace Wig? ANSWERED!

One of the innovations that are currently trending at the moment is the glueless full lace wig, but can you glue them if you want to? I have done some research on this and here is what I found.

It is not recommended to add adhesive to a glueless full lace wig, as it is not designed for this purpose. If you are concerned about the fit, you can be assured that these wigs are designed to be secure without the need for added adhesive as they often have attached clips, combs, and adjustable elastics to secure it to your head.

Keep reading to look at some of the benefits and concerns that come with using a glue-less full lace wig (without glue) so you can decide which option is best for you!

Glueless Full Lace Wigs: The Pro’s & Con’s

Most Realistic Beginner Friendly Glueless Full Lace Wig

Glueless lace wigs have been created for those wig wearers who do not want to wear their wigs for days on end. Surprisingly, not all wig wearers are looking for lasting adhesives.

The main benefit of glueless full lace wigs is that it gives you the most natural and realistic appearance as it allows for baby hairs, and it protects your edges from harsh adhesives. The main con is that you cannot swim or sleep in your wig as it will shift or even fall off your head if moved around too much.

So, let’s take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of this new trend and whether you really want to wear this wig glue-less:

Edges / Baby hairs around the circumference of the wigCannot sleep wearing your wig
Avoids allergic reactions caused by adhesivesSwimming with your wig might not be possible
Protects your natural hairlineSmaller variety compared to wigs that require adhesive
Protects your edges/ baby hairsMight have difficulty finding wig size
Ability to properly care for your natural hair
Give your natural hair sufficient breathing time
Super easy to install
Less time consuming to install
Really easy to maintain your full lace wig
Avoids the consequences of incorrect use of adhesives.
Glueless Full Lace Wigs: The Pro’s & Con’s

That said, let’s take a deeper dive into both the pros and cons of wearing glue-less full lace wigs.

The Pro’s of Glue-less Full Lace Wigs

1. Edges / Baby hairs around the circumference of the wig.

These wigs are awesome in the fact that most of them come pre-set with edges around the complete circumference of the wig. This means that glue-less wigs have a really natural appearance because they not only have edges along the front hairline but at the back as well.

2. Avoids allergic reactions caused by adhesives.

Have you noticed that most products that are applied to your skin have a disclaimer on the packaging saying that you should do a spot test first? Well, the truth is that many of us never really follow that instruction. This means that we are vulnerable to allergic reactions and can never really determine how badly a reaction can turn out to be.

Glue-less full lace wigs mean that wearers never have to worry about potential allergic reactions caused by adhesives when fitting their wig.

3. Protects your natural hairline.

Our hairlines are actually one of the most fragile areas of our hair and are so prone to breakage. This is why we have to be super careful when it comes to styling our natural hair and using wigs to not put too much pressure on our hairline and avoid placing adhesives directly on it to avoid damage.

Glue-less wigs mean that you never have to worry about incorrectly applying adhesive directly on your hairline and causing damage.

4. Protects your edges/ baby hairs.

Just like our natural hairline, our edges are super fragile and prone to damage. Having a wig that doesn’t require adhesive means that your edges/ baby hairs are safe from harm.

5. Ability to properly care for your natural hair.

One of the biggest problems that wig wearers face is the overall health of their natural hair. Because wigs are so easy to maintain and can be worn for long periods of time with adhesives, we tend to forget that our natural hair requires proper care as well.

Glue-less wigs are super easy to remove because they do not rely on adhesives to be fitted, meaning that you can take care of your natural hair as often as you please.

6. Give your natural hair sufficient breathing time.

Oxygen is life, literally! We need oxygen to survive, and so do many other things, like our hair. Our hair and scalp require time to breathe in order to be in full health.

Constantly wearing a wig or wearing a wig for days on end because it is fitted with adhesives means that your natural hair is not receiving sufficient oxygen. Glue-less wigs can be removed daily so your natural hair can breathe while you sleep.

7. Super easy to install.

Because the glue-less full lace wigs do not require the use of adhesive, and instead are secured using combs and adjustable straps, they are really easy to install.

8. Less time consuming to install.

Installing a glue-less wig consists of just the first step of installing a wig that requires adhesive. A lot of time is spent on properly placing adhesive and this is completely avoided in with the glue-less full lace wig. This means more time to do something else!

9. Really easy to maintain your full lace wig.

Wig glue and adhesive can such a job to use and maintain. When you wear a wig that requires adhesive, you often have to clean the adhesive off the wig and your skin before your next use. This is something that isn’t a concern with glue-less wigs.

10. Avoids consequences of incorrect use of adhesives.

Adhesives, although absolutely amazing for securing wigs, can cause major damage to your natural hair and skin if used incorrectly. Your skin and natural hair have to always be properly prepared before use to avoid damage. Glue-less wigs avoid this stress completely.

The Con’s of Glue-less Full Lace Wigs

1. Cannot sleep wearing your wig.

Unfortunately, you cannot sleep with your glue-less full lace wig. Due to the fact that it doesn’t require the use of adhesive, this lace front wig could come off while you sleep. Sleeping with your wig could also possibly cause damage to the combs within the wig cap.

2. Swimming with your wig might not be possible.

Although you could do most things while wearing your glue-less full lace wig, swimming while wearing your glueless wig might not be the best of ideas. The weight of the hair on the wig when wet might cause the wig cap to shift while you’re swimming.

3. Smaller variety compared to wigs that require adhesive.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that many wig wearers prefer to wear their wigs for longer periods of time, good quality glueless full lace wigs are harder to come by. But, not impossible! You just might have to put in a little more effort.

4. Might have difficulty finding wig size.

As I have previously mentioned, finding glueless full lace wigs might be a bit more difficult. As most wig wearers are aware of, it is often hard to find your perfect wig size, no matter what wig you are trying to purchase. The fact that glue-less full lace wigs are harder to find in general, makes this quite difficult.

Final Thoughts

Glueless full lace wigs are an excellent choice for those who don’t enjoy messy, sticky glue when applying their wig, and I know I am certainly one of those people! As you can see above, the pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to these wigs, so I definitely recommend getting yourself one to save a lot of time and mess.


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