Can I Braid My Hair After Dying It?

Changing your hair color is an amazing way to take your overall appearance to the next level. However, does this mean that you won’t be able to braid your hair?

You can braid your hair after dyeing it but only after waiting for a period of at least two weeks. Hair dye contains intense chemicals that are taxing on your hair and leaves your hair needing additional recovery time and care. Using the two weeks after dyeing your hair to properly treat your hair will ensure that you can style it however you please thereafter.

Now that we know that there is a waiting period, after dyeing your hair before intense styling, let’s get right into how you can care for your newly dyed hair during that time to ensure that it is healthy enough for styling.

How To Care For Dyed Hair

Despite the color that you have chosen, hair that has been dyed definitely requires extra care. This is to ensure that there is no lasting damage and that your hair is in a healthy condition to style as you please, or even to dye again.

There is nothing worse than getting your hair dyed, only to have it look dry and brittle in appearance and have your color fade or wash out super quickly. What a waste, right?

Well, to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, here are a few things you can do to care for your dyed hair.

1. Wait at least three days (72 hrs) before washing.

Ever wondered why so much of your dye runs out when you wash your hair soon after dyeing it? This is due to the cuticle layer of your hair still being open.

The cuticle layer of your hair is opened when you dye your hair so the color can fully soak in your hair. Sometimes this layer is still exposed soon after dyeing which results in the color is easily washed out.

The cuticle layer often takes a while to close, sometimes up to three entire days. So, waiting to wash your hair after you have dyed it means that your color has time to settle and results in more pigment as your hair is able to properly take to the dye and retains the color for longer.

2. Use warm/cool water when washing your hair

There is nothing like having a hot shower after a long day and letting that water run through your hair. However, although this is super relaxing, it is definitely not good for your newly dyed hair.

Hot water opens your hair cuticles. This is great for adding moisture like a deep conditioning treatment but it also has the ability to strip your hair of just that and its color if not done wisely.

Using warm/cool water will ensure that your cuticles are open enough to absorb moisture while preserving your color. Once you are done washing, rinse your hair with cool water to seal your cuticles and ensure that your color and moisture are protected.

3. Opt for natural hair products

As we have previously mentioned, hair dye is an intense chemical process that tends to have lasting effects on your hair. This is why using hair products, like your shampoos and conditioners when washing, that has loads of chemicals in their ingredients could cause more harm than good.

These types of products open you up to the risk of stripping your hair of its natural oils and overall moisture. If these products have that capability, they definitely also have the ability to strip your color.

After dyeing, the aim should be to restore your natural oils and moisture so your hair is strong and healthy enough for styling and dyeing thereafter. Using natural products will help you achieve this while protecting your color.

4. Try not to wash your hair too often.

As we have just stated, when you wash your hair, with warm or hot water, your cuticles open and your hair is at risk of losing some of its important nutrients and moisture, and dyed color.

This is why it is important to avoid washing your hair too often, to avoid stripping it. Instead, try to wash your hair every 4-7 days. If you feel that your hair needs a wash between this, you can always try a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo (an organic, color-safe version) has an amazing way of making your hair look fresh and clean without stripping it. It is also super quick and easy to apply.

Can You Dye Hair While In Braids?

If you currently have your hair styled in braids and have been bitten by the color bug (metaphorically of course), you are probably left wondering if you can jump right ahead and dye your hair while it’s still in braids.

I mean, no one wants to pay to have their hair braided and not keep it for its full lifespan. But, sometimes you can’t control the excitement of wanting to change up your look and this can leave you with quite the dilemma.

Unfortunately, dyeing your hair while it is in braids is definitely not the best idea. Braids only expose small portions of your natural hair which means that only these parts will be dyed.

When you braid your hair with extensions, your natural hair isn’t completely exposed. Your roots are visible and various pieces within the braids are exposed.

The pieces that are hidden within the braid will be missed and instead, you will have dyed braid extensions and stripped hair. This is why it is definitely the best choice to wait until your braid lifespan is over and you have them removed before dyeing.

How To Prepare Your Hair To Dye After Braiding

Once you have removed your braids, you are probably super eager to dye your hair. I mean, I always get so keen to see my thoughts come to life on my hair when I want a change. However, there are some things to keep in mind when preparing your hair after it has been dyed.

Here is how you can prepare your hair for dye after it has been braided:

  • Give it time– Your hair needs time to recover, wait at least two weeks before dying. This gives you enough time to restore hydration to your hair and properly prepare it for the dyeing process.
  • Restore hydration– Hair is often dry after braiding, be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment at least twice while you wait to dye. Deep conditioners are one of the quickest ways to restore hydration to your hair.
  • Damaged hair, that’s easy – Often after having your hair braided, it can be quite weak and a little damaged along the tips. To treat this: simply get a trim and treat your hair to a protein treatment.
  • Wash your hair two days before – Try to avoid washing your hair just before you dye it. Freshly washed hair can be a little dry and the washing process could dry out your scalp and leave it sensitive to dye. But, dirty hair that is oily doesn’t receive dye well either. Washing two days in advance leaves your hair in the perfect position for dyeing.
  • Communication is key – Once you have prepped your hair for the dyeing process and make your way to your stylist, it is important to communicate where your hair is currently and your expectations clearly. This will ensure that both you and your stylist are on the same page and leaves you with more of a chance of getting exactly what you want.


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