Can Full Lace Wigs Be Parted Anywhere? ANSWERED!

Have you ever wondered if your full lace wig gives you the flexibility to part your wig anywhere for styling purposes? I’ve researched if this is something offered by a full lace wig and my findings might surprise you!

Full lace wigs are a lot more versatile and can be parted anywhere to suit your styling needs as long as you’re wearing a wig cap or stocking that matches your skin tone to cover your natural hair. By covering your natural hair with a skin toned wig cap, your parts will look more natural and as though the wig is your actual hair.

Keep reading to understand what makes a full lace wig so versatile, and the main differences between full lace wigs and lace front wigs.

What Makes a Full Lace Wig So Versatile?

Essentially a full lace wig is constructed from a lace cap that covers the entire circumference of the head, with the 100% human hair knotted into this by hand.

Full lace wigs are versatile in that they can be parted absolutely anywhere as the lace looks like it’s your scalp and can even be color-matched to match your skin tone. Full lace wigs can be pulled up into high ponytails and other exciting hairstyles and tend to last much longer than lace front wigs, for example.

On standard Remy lace wigs, there is a piece of stretchy lace that is placed over the top of the crown to allow for free movement in styling. This also allows for hair growth beneath the wig and for variations in head size.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of a full lace wig:

Natural look

Full lace wigs have a base that is made entirely of lace, which differentiates it from its frontal lace counterpart. It will, therefore, need to be installed slightly differently to a lace frontal wig.

The lace surrounding the head allows for a much more natural and comfortable look and feel.

It is recommended that you wear a wig cap beneath your full lace wig, as it will be covering your whole head.


Full lace wigs are extremely versatile, meaning they are perfect for women who enjoy tying their hair up for events or for sports. Compared to a lace frontal wig, which can only be styled from the front.


Full lace wigs tend to be highly durable. With proper care and maintenance, your full lace wig can last you between 6 months and 1 year.

However, it is always recommended that you remove your full lace wig at least once a week to give your natural hair and scalp time to breathe and so you can care for and maintain your natural hair to prevent build-up of dirt and bacteria.

Is your full lace wig feeling a little hot and uncomfortable? Check out our article here to learn how to best deal with this problem and prevent it from becoming an issue!

Full Lace Wig Vs. Lace Frontal Wig: a Comparison

Full lace wigs are more versatile and durable than front lace wigs. Since full lace wigs have lace that covers the surface of your entire head, they can withstand your swimming, sleeping, or showering with them on without slipping or being damaged. Also, lace front wigs last from 6 months to a year whilst full lace wigs last up to 2 years.

Full Lace Wig:Lace Front Wig:
First time wig-wearer:Slightly trickier to install. May be more suitable for a seasoned wig-wearer.More appropriate for a first-time wig-wearer.
Volume:Has less volume due to single-knotted strands, so has a lighter look and feel.Best for volume-lovers. Wefts at the back give more hair.
Versatility:Best styling versatility, can part the hair anywhere on your head.You can only part the front part, so styling is very limited.
Durability:Highly durable (6-12 months).Also highly durable (6-12 months).
Full Lace Wig Vs. Lace Frontal Wig: a Comparison

Material used.

Lace front wigs only have a sheer lace base for the front section of the wig. The rest of the base is not made from lace, but rather another type of thicker material.

Full lace wigs, on the other hand, have a base that is comprised entirely of lace. The wig hairs are then individually sewn and fitted (usually hand sown/fitted), strand by strand, to the lace wig base to create the illusion of the wig hairs coming directly out of the scalp of the wig wearer.

This lace allows for ventilation to the head, and also provides versatility in that you can part the wig hair anywhere. What a dream!


Lace frontal wigs tend to be the cheaper option, with a price tag between $100 and $450. However, the prices may range greatly depending on the type of hair and lace used.

Full lace wigs tend to be much pricier than their counterpart, due to the fact that the entire cap is made from lace, which is more expensive. Generally, they can set you back between $100 and $500. However, the prices may range greatly depending on the type of hair and lace used.

Best Styling Options For Full Lace Wigs

One of my favorite parts of wig-wearing is trying out new, innovative styles to spice up my look!

Full lace wigs can be styled in low ponytails, sleek updo’s, or even braids, thanks to the lace’s versatility. A personal favorite hairstyle of mine with full lace wigs is the half-up, half-down ponytail where only half the hairpiece is tied in a high ponytail, and the rest is loose.

Now that you know that full lace wigs can be styled just about any way that you like, let’s take a closer look at all the fun styles you can apply to your full lace wig:


High ponytail with full lace wig

One of the greatest benefits of the full lace wig, that is not offered by any other wig, is the ability to make a ponytail anywhere. Most wigs are limited to low ponytails, with an exception of the 360 lace wig, because higher ponytails will reveal the wefts of the wig.

A ponytail is a great way to get your wig hair out of your face with very little effort. Simply brush your hair back, whichever way you desire, and tie it using a hair tie.


Hair bun variations that you could easily try in your full lace wig

If you’re always in a bit of a rush, for one thing, or another, then a bun is for you! Buns have a super classy look and feel to them, and can be worn for any occasion. The full lace wig offers the freedom to create a bun anywhere on the head.


Braid variations that you can try on your full lace wig

If you are looking for more creativity in the way that you style your hair, with a little bit of a tweak, then braids are definitely for you! Coming in with multiple variations from the french braid to your normal three-strand braids, this form of styling can lift any look.

The full lace wig, with it’s one of a kind ability to be parted anywhere makes braiding your wig really easy. Although it is not the easiest to get right at first, with practice, you will be a braid master.


Quick & Easy Up-dos For Lace Wigs

The joy of wearing a full lace wig is the freedom to do up-styles. For all of our corporate, business-minded, and simply chic readers, this one is for you! An upstyle is a great way to give a sophisticated touch to just about any look. This too comes with many variations!

There are many hairstyles out there that you can try on your full lace wig. If you feel that you are running a little short on that creative spark, just hop onto Youtube and search some creative styles that you could try. Your findings will definitely leave you surprised and eager to try something new!

Final Thoughts

Being one of the best wigs on the market for many reasons, the full lace wig really takes the lead for its ability to be parted throughout the wig and the complete styling flexibility. For any wig wearer, looking to purchase a wig that is extremely natural-looking, comfortable, and has amazing benefits, the full lace wig is definitely the way to go.

Purchasing a full lace wig and investing time into learning new ways to style and wear it, because of its parting freedom, might be the best wig decision that you could make.


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