12 Best Vegan Hair Extensions [FULL BUYERS GUIDE]

If you are conscious about the environment and the people and animals that live in it, I’m sure that you are also conscious about where your hair extensions come from and where to find the best vegan options available—that’s why I’m here to help!

Hair extensions are extremely popular among young women in this modern day and age, meaning that there is also a big market for them. The problem is that the market is extremely lucrative and exploits millions of poverty-stricken women for their hair in return for little to no money.

The exciting news is that there are kinder, vegan-friendly options for those of you who still want to rock those extensions without harming others.

How Can We Define Hair As Ethical Or Vegan?

Vegan hair that has been sourced ethically means that the hair has been harvested in such a way that the donor is treated with respect, as well as the environment.

Purchasing “vegan” hair means that the company has taken a decision to be socially and environmentally conscious.

Even better, some companies actually work to improve communities and make a difference through donations and charities.

Since this is such a big concern, we dedicated an entire article on this website that answers this question in-depth “are hair extensions vegan?”

How To Spot FAKE So-Called ‘Vegan’ Hair Extensions

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, There have been a lot of companies that ‘claim’ to be “vegan-friendly”, but as a matter of fact, they do not have significant information backing them to prove this.

Just in case you come across other websites that aren’t recommended below, look out for these things to make sure that they are vegan:

Some important criteria to watch out for:

  • They fail to state where the hair is sourced from. There should be no vagueness about where the hair is sourced, they should state this clearly on their website. If they do not state on their website, this brings me to my next point.
  • You should be able to ask them directly. If you are still a little unsure about where the hair is sourced, you should be able to contact someone who works there and get a direct answer from them. If they beat around the bush or do not have an answer, chances are the hair comes from an unregulated market.
  • They have little to no reviews. Again, the website is vague and does not even have any testimonies from other people, this is a massive red flag. Any company can claim to be “vegan”, but if there are no other people to testify this it could be a cause for concern.

01. Tim Carly

Tim Carly hair extensions are produced with ethically sourced hair that has been exchanged freely and fairly from a reputable source.

Why we love them: The hair is 100% human Remy, meaning it is of the highest quality. This hair factory is based in China and is owned by a man named Zhaoke, who has been changing women’s lives for over 20 years.

They have so far donated a total of 24 human hair wigs to charities that are aimed at assisting women and children fighting a battle with hair loss and cancer.

There is a strong sense of community in the factory, with a vegetable garden on the premises. Once the vegetables are ready for harvesting, the staff are allowed to take them home for their families.

The packaging used for the extensions is made from 100% recyclable materials and the ink used is free of lead.

The company also uses wastewater for processing dyes for the hair, meaning that nothing goes to waste and they are preserving precious drinking water for the community.

You can find out more about what they do on their website.

  • Price range: Between $150 and $250.
  • Return policy: This company offers a 60-day return policy.
  • Added bonuses: This company offers Free U.S and Canada Shipping.

02. Eden Hair Extensions

Eden Hair Extensions are ethically sourced, 100% human hair. They work with women in communities throughout the world and select the finest hair from willing donors.

Why we love them: They state that by purchasing hair form them you will be supporting the economy and women all over the globe.

You can find out more about what they are all about on their website.

  • Price range: All extensions are under $200.
  • Return policy: They offer a 60-day return policy as well as an option for next day express.
  • Added bonuses: They offer a comprehensive blog with ‘how-to” clips, as well as reviews.

03. Aashi Beauty

After doing some research on this company, their values include helping animals and the environment. They offer 100% vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free products that are manufactured in the USA.

Why we love them: The hair is 100%, Indian Remy, meaning it has not been chemically processed or tampered with. Indian Remy is also one of the highest quality hair available, so you will not be disappointed.

They also donate money to charity for every purchase you make!

They only offer clip-in and tape-in extensions, so if you are looking for a wider variety you may want to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, you can check out their website here to find out more.

  • Price range: Between $99 and $200.
  • Return policy: Aashi Beauty offers a return policy on unopened and unused hair extensions within 30 days from the date delivery. They only accept returns or exchanges on hair extensions that have not been opened, worn, in any way tampered with.
  • Added bonuses: Free shipping for purchases over $99 and 30-day return policy.

04. Larin Hair Extensions

This London company promises each bundle of hair to come from a single donor, meaning they have not used “waste hair” or a variety of different donors to make one hairpiece.

Why we love them: Each strand of hair is guaranteed to come from a Vietnamese donor, meaning that the cuticle will still be intact and the hair will have a flawless appearance.

The donors willingly come to the factory to have their hair harvested, and are paid a fair wage for their donations, meaning they are contributing to their livelihoods.

Their factory employees are treated and paid well. They work fair hours, have regular breaks and are allowed holiday leave.

You can find out more on their website here.

  • Price range: Between $50 and $220.
  • Returns policy: They do not stipulate this on their website.
  • Added bonuses: They offer gift cards and have a really informative blog.

05. Ayune Hair

This company was by the most impressive because of the fact that they promote womanhood, culture, and children all in one go.

Why we love them: The name “Ayune” is a Javanese, Indonesian word for “exceptionally beautiful.” The women involved are remunerated generously for their hair and is a stable source of income for them and their families. They are also partnered with a non-profit organization that works towards educating young children.

The best part is that the women involved participate by choice and are not forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

The company has been around for over 40 years and has changed many lives for the better.

Check out their inspiring website here to learn more.

“Beauty doesn’t have to be attained at the expense of another person’s well being. Our vision to inspire our fellow soul sisters to align beauty with their values.”

Ayune Hair
  • Price range: Between $120 and $170.
  • Returns policy: Unfortunately, they do not offer a return policy.
  • Added bonuses: You get 10% off your first order.

06. Locks of Love

This heartwarming organization works towards accepting willing donations for children who have cancer or other disadvantages that result in them suffering from hair loss.

Why we love them: They have been around since 1997 providing a young child who is financially disadvantaged with donated hair, completely free of charge.

They do not make a profit off the donated hair and work towards bettering the lives and self-esteem of young children.

While this may not be your typical, profit-driven run of the mill hair extension business, I thought I would add this in because it deserves more attention.

Check out their website here to find out more.

07. Great Lengths

This company only sources ethical traceable human hair from India where it is made into 100% Remy and Double-Drawn extensions —this means that all of the natural hair qualities are preserved in a unique production process that takes place in Rome.

Why we love them: All the hair has been willingly donated by devotees from the Tirumala temple who have their hair “tonsured” for religious purposes.

This temple apparently made about 33 million dollars through the sale of a human hair—Great Lengths states that this money is returned to the community in terms of their medical aid, education and any other needs they may have.

You can find out more about what they do on their website.

Important note: This company does not appear to do orders online nor do they state their prices on the website. You can, however, send them your contact information and they will contact you regarding any queries.

08. Woven Hair Extensions

This company provides high-quality, ethically sourced extensions all the way from India.

Why we love them: Each purchase goes towards providing wigs for women who suffer from involuntary hair loss.

Their vision is to create meaningful, valuable connections between women all around the world by empowering them to feel good about themselves both inside and out.

The hair is sourced from a temple in the southern region of Tamil Nadu, where hair sourcing is done as a religious practice.

While the women are not paid, the remaining proceeds are invested into the local community through the funding of various charity programs that provide medical aid, education, food, and important infrastructure projects that support those who need it the most.

You can learn more about them on their website.

  • Price range: From $239.
  • Returns policy: You can exchange or return your Woven extensions within 30 days of receipt as long as the bag and security seal remains intact.
  • Added bonuses: They have a comprehensive list of information whether it is hair loss, before and after or extra information on their ethical sourcing.

09. Luxy Hair Factory

This company is located in China where they follow a rigid standards environment, safety, and quality for both their employees and their customers.

Why we love them: Their staff is primarily from the local community, with 76% of them being women. The staff is provided three meals daily, eight-hour workdays, weekends, holiday leave as well as worker insurance.

All their packaging and accessories are made from sustainable and recyclable materials, even using soy-only ink.

The hair is sourced directly from verified distributors who have a long-standing reputation for ethically sourcing human hair. All the hair is sold and exchanged freely.

You can find out more on their website.

  • Price range: Between $150-$200.
  • Returns policy: They accommodate returns and exchanges within 90 days on all hair extensions that have not been opened, worn, or tampered with. 
  • Added bonuses: They offer $10 off AND free shipping, as well as a FREE pearl headband with a purchase of $100 or more. Also, all full sets of Luxy Hair extensions and Clip-In Bangs come with a tester of the hair in the bottom of the box or the top compartment of the circular box. You can take out this piece to determine if the color is a good match.

10. Remy NY

This awesome company was founded in 2017 by a man named Dan Choi. He was approached by a young, homeless little girl with short hair selling whatever she could for a bit of money and means of survival in Vietnam.

Why we love them: This sad situation inspired Dan to start a business that would help empower and support young, struggling women in Vietnam — and that is exactly what he did!

Remy NY’s vision is to help women living in poverty not just in Vietnam, but throughout the world — they do this by providing opportunities to women by paying them high wages for their hair as well as providing job opportunities.

The people who receive your donation made to Remy NY.

They teach women how to make hair extensions and assist them by directing customers to them. These skills help the women start up their own businesses and therefore help put their children through school.

Choosing to purchase your extensions from this company means that you are helping families put food on the table, clothe their children and keep a roof over their heads — and you can look fabulous doing it!

“Our prices are anywhere from five to ten times our competitors, which is why we’ve recieved dangerous threats.”

Dan Choi, Founder of Remy New York

To find out more, check out their website here.

  • Price range: Between $29 and $300.
  • Returns policy: They do not stipulate this on their website. However, you can make inquiries via their query portal.

11. Frontrow

This is a proudly South African company that has the following core values: Made from 100% Remy hair, free and fast shipping, easy returns and exchanges and most importantly they promise honest pricing, fair trade, and ethically sourced products.

Why we love them: They have been ranked the #1 clip-in hair extension company in South Africa and have been recommended by several well-known magazines including Glamour, Elle, Drum, Cosmopolitan and Woman & Home to name a few.

They also offer some great hair aftercare advice and assist with color-matching before your purchase.

You can find out more about what they are all about on their website.

  • Price range: Their prices average at around R1500.
  • Return policy: They are happy to accept refunds and exchanges within 7 days of receiving the parcel
  • Added bonuses: They offer a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for your extensions on their page, as well as free shipping on their parcels.

12. Philocaly Hair Extensions

This Russian -based company sources its hair both ethically and fairly from women in the country.

Why we love them: Their hair is 100%, Russian Remy, meaning that it is of very high quality. They promise that their hair comes from a single donor only, meaning they removed the ponytail from the willing individual and remunerated them for it. All the cuticles are still intact and flawless.

Their factory workers are also treated fairly, and are provided with regular breaks, no more than eight hours per day of work and are paid a fair wage.

“Remember, that you as a consumer control the industry. Every time you choose to support ethically sourced extensions and say no to unethical ones you help put a stop to this market of exploitation.”


To find out more, you can have a look at their website for all the details.

  • Price range: They do not stipulate the price on the website, but you can make an inquiry.
  • Return policy: They offer a 14-day return policy. They will gladly accept your hair extensions back for a full refund or exchange so long as they are unopened with the original hygiene seal intact.
  • Added bonuses: They have a really impressive range of gorgeous extensions compared to other brands.

A Final Note

If you are one of those people who are conscious about the environment or are already a vegan, you will know that being kind to the planet can oftentimes, sadly, end up costing us more.

However, making the choice to spend a little more on ethically sourced extensions means that you will be able to wear them guilt-free and with pride, knowing that you have made a difference in somebody’s life.

Remember: Change starts with YOU.


Hey, I’m Jodie, the gal behind CraftyHairHacks. I have a deep passion for hair extensions, hairstyles, and almost anything that has to do with hair, which leads me to the writing and research I do for this website daily. Our site is still small, however, we’re pushing to get the best hair hacks out to as many as people as possible. ENJOY!

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