Best Product To Loosen Tight Braids [UPDATED 2020]

If you’ve just gotten your hair braided and you’re struggling to cope with the pain, I know just the right product to help you loosen your tight braids and ease the pain! From years of experience and talking to my hairstylist, I have found the best solution. Take a look!

The best product to loosen braids is a conditioning braid spray, preferably one containing soothing natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, or lavender oil. A braid spray that I highly recommend you try is the Better Braids Leave-in Conditioner, it adds slip to your hair, relieving the tension and loosening your braids for only $11.99.

Let’s take a look at all the amazing things the Better Braids Leave-in Conditioner can do for your hair and braids:

  • Contains aloe vera for soothing effects
  • Conditions hair
  • Contains wheat protein that restores moisture
  • Nourishes hair
  • Prevents breakage
  • Alleviates itchiness

Take a look at the table below to see what other amazing products you can use to loosen tight braids:

Product Name:Product Description:Hair Type:Price:Product Link:
01.Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro SpraySoothes dry scalp, eases itchiness, moisturisesDry hair, damaged hair$8.34Click Here
02.Sulphur 8 Braid SprayLong-lasting hold, nourishes scalp and hairDry hair$9.90Click Here
03.African Pride Braid Sheen SpraySoothes hair & scalp, moisturizes dry hair, promotes healthy hair growthNatural hair, thick hair, dry hair, coily hair$19.99Click Here
04.Vernon Francois Scalp Nourishment Braid And Lock Spray Relieves pain, adds sheen, hydrates hairTextured hair$18.00Click Here
05.Seven Minerals – Organic Aloe Vera SpraySoothing and healing spray, tames frizzAll hair types$16.75Click Here
Table Showing Other Amazing Products You Can Use To Loosen Tight Braids

01. Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro Spray

This braid spray offers instant relief and a cooling sensation when you spray it on your scalp to relieve pressure and tensions caused by the pulling of new braids. Not to mention that it also helps to alleviate itching caused by a dry scalp.

Your braids will be left looking shiny and fresh whilst your scalp and hair are free from any pain.


  • Soothes hair and scalp
  • Prevents breakage
  • Moisturizes dry scalp
  • Soothes itching
  • Non-greasy


  •  If you have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp, this product may cause irritation

You can purchase this hair and braid spray from Amazon for $8.34. 

02. Sulphur 8 Braid Spray

This braid spray consists of sulfur, which softens braids and eases the pulling and tensions caused on your hair and scalp by adding moisture to your scalp. It also has anti-itch properties, so your braids and scalp will look and feel fresh for much longer.



  • Softens braids to make them more comfortable
  • Prevents dryness
  • Adds sheen 
  • Conditioning properties
  • Anti-dandruff treatment


  • Applying too much product can cause it to leave a sticky residue on your hair

You can purchase this hair and braid spray from Amazon for $9.90.

03. African Pride Braid Sheen Spray

This African Pride braid spray instantly soothes and nourishes your hair and scalp pain by adding moisture to it. You can use this product daily to get stronger, shinier, and healthier hair whilst wearing braids.

This braid spray can also alleviate itchiness as well as dryness that’s caused by braids!


  • Soothes pain from tight braids
  • Moisturizes & conditions hair
  • Relieves dryness


  • Contains parabens

You can purchase this hair and braid spray from Amazon for $19.99.

04. Vernon Francois Scalp Nourishment Braid And Lock Spray 

This Vernon Francois scalp and braid spray is a staple in Lupita Nyongo’s care routine when it comes to maintaining her braids, and we can see why! This product is made from premium oils that moisturize and hydrate your scalp by relieving dryness.

You simply need to spray this product onto the roots of your hair and the length of your braids to relieve the pain and tension caused by braids.


  • Relieves pain
  • Hydrates hair
  • Lightweight product
  • Dry finish
  • Non-greasy


  • Can be heavy and weigh down fine, thin hair

You can purchase this hair and braid spray from the Vernon Francois website for $18.00.

05. Seven Minerals – Organic Aloe Vera Spray

This last product on our list is actually a skin and body spray, but it’s also the best-kept secret for relieving and soothing painful scalp and hair caused by braids.

Top 7 Best Aloe Vera Gels For Hair

This product is a 100% aloe vera product, and as we know, one of the ingredients to look out for in your braid spray is aloe vera if you want to loosen the pain caused by braids.


  • Softens hair and scalp
  • Soothes irritation
  • Nourishes hair
  • Conditions hair
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Promotes hair growth


  • Product is designed for use on skin

You can purchase this hair and body spray from Amazon for $16.75.

Now that you know which products are the best when it comes to loosening tight braids and alleviating the tension and pressure they cause on your scalp, let’s take a look at some of the methods you can use to loosen your braids immediately.

How Do You Loosen Tight Braids Quickly?

You shouldn’t have to suffer through painful, tight braids no matter what the old wives’ tale says about suffering for beauty. Keep reading to find out how to loosen tight braids immediately! 

When it comes to loosening tight braids immediately, there are 3 ways to go about doing so without ruining your braids or causing them to frizz and become untidy. This is how you can loosen your tight braids:

  1. Use a leave-in conditioning spray
  2. Use a braid spray
  3. Using moist heat

1. Use A Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Spray a leave-in conditioning product at the roots of your hair in order to add slip to your hair and braids to ease some of the tension on your scalp. You can use the pads of your fingertips to rub the product onto your scalp after you’ve sprayed it on.

An amazing product for this is the Better Braids Leave-in Conditioner (already mentioned, but it’s just that good!).

2. Use A Braid Spray

Invest in a specially formulated braid spray to soften your hair and add moisture to your scalp. A moisturized scalp helps to ease and prevent pain from tight braids.

Braid sprays also help with itching, so you’re actually tending to 3 major braid-related problems with a single product! I highly recommend the Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro Spray!

3. Using Moist Heat

Take a warm shower and thoroughly wet your braided hair in the process. Warm water actually opens your pores and hair follicles, which loosens your braids and gives your hair more elasticity.

Just make sure that you allow your braids to dry naturally before styling or applying braid spray!

Pro Tip: If you have curly hair, wetting your braided hair may make your hair and braids frizzy, so I recommend that you wet a facecloth with warm water and gently rub your scalp with it, so you’re still using moist heat.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to find out more about what to do to alleviate pain caused by tight braids and the dangers of having too-tight braids, take a look at this article to get all your questions answered!


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