Are Wigs Considered Hats? ANSWERED!

Today’s obscure question: Are wigs just hats made from hair? If you really think about it, it can be quite a tricky question. I’ve opened this question up to a few friends and the general verdict is as follows!

A wig isn’t considered a hat as a wig is a replacement for your natural hair to cover baldness/damaged hair. That being said, hats are head coverings used for ornamental/protective purposes. If you walk into an establishment that has rules that forbid hats, you’ll always be told to remove your hat whereas you will never be told to remove your wig.

You’re probably wondering what establishments tend to frown upon people wearing hats and which ones you can get away with wearing wigs at. Well, I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out more.

When Is It Okay To Wear A Wig?

Technically, you can wear a wig anywhere as long as it is a natural wig. If you want to experiment with colors and unique styles then you’ll be very limited as to where you can wear your wig.

It is always okay to wear a wig. People wear wigs for all sorts of reasons besides enhancing their looks. A few of these reasons include religious reasons, balding from cancer treatments, balding from conditions such as alopecia, and other health-related causes of hair loss.

That said, there are establishments and institutions that may frown upon wig wearing. Take a look to see what these establishments are:

Establishment/Place:Is It Okay To Wear A Wig?
Churches and SynagoguesYes
Private SchoolsYes (if it mimics your natural hair)
Public SchoolsYes (if it mimics your natural hair)
Movie TheatreYes
Office JobsYes
Hotel LobbiesYes
Public TransportYes
Table Showing Where Its Okay To Wear A Wig

A large majority of schools will allow their learners to wear wigs, especially if its for medical reasons. We all know how cruel kids can be so if wearing a wig makes you feel less self-conscious then you have every right to wear it.

However, some schools have strict policies against the use of wigs for fashion purposes. Make sure you check your school’s code of conduct before rocking up in your fabulous, but illegal wig!

When Is It Okay To Wear A Hat?

Generally speaking, wearing a hat is only okay if you’re outside or in public areas but this can be tricky. Some establishments, although open to the public, may frown upon you wearing hats. This is often due to social etiquette as well as security reasons since Security cameras can’t exactly pick up your face if you’re wearing a hat.

To make things easier for you, I have created a list of places where its okay to wear a hat and where it’s generally frowned upon. Take a look:

Establishment/PlaceIs It Okay To Wear A Hat?
Places of worshipNo
Private SchoolsNo
Public SchoolsYes
Inside the classroom/lecture hallNo
Movie TheatreNo
Office JobsNo
Hotel LobbiesYes
Public TransportYes
Table Showing Where Its Okay To Wear A Hat

If you have to wear a wig to school or college and are feeling nervous about it, here are some tips to consider!

Tips For Wearing A Wig To School Or College

Whether you’re wearing your wig to school for health-related reasons or not, these tips are sure to be of use to you!

When wearing a wig to school/college, have confidence. Fake it till you make it! You must feel secure and confident in your wig. It can be nerve-wracking going through the day wondering if your wig still looks right or if it’s maybe shifted its position on your head; use bobby pins/wig tape to secure your wig onto your head throughout the day

With the reassurance that your wig is secure on your head, you won’t feel the need to fiddle with your hair and draw attention to it. This will for sure make you feel tons more confident!

1. Extra Security On Windy Days

If you live in a place that has really windy weather conditions then you can wear a headband on your head to add extra security for your wig. You know the ones, they go around your head from ear-to-ear. Or you can wear an Alice-band instead if headbands aren’t your style.

Headbands also come in handy if you have a sporting event or a field trip and you’ll be doing a lot of activity. The last thing you want is to have a hair malfunction where your wig slips off. Headbands will blend in with your sporting gear so it won’t look odd or out of place, plus they come in various styles and colors.

2. Be Prepared To Answer Questions

If you’re wearing your wig to college or school, be prepared to ward off unwanted questions. It’s inevitable. Kids can be insensitive and inquisitive. You may get questions like “Are you wearing a wig?” or “Is that your actual hair?” A great way to answer these questions is: 

  • Why are you asking? / Why does it matter to you? (This might make them rethink why they’re asking you personal questions)
  • Yes. (Technically it is your hair, you paid for it, and you’re the one wearing it. Therefore, it’s yours)

Don’t let the questions and speculations make you feel uncomfortable. Hold your head up high and be sure of yourself.

3. Talk To Your Teachers Or Lecturers

Teachers and lecturers are not only put in the classroom to teach, they’re also there to support students and create a safe learning environment. I highly recommend that you let them know that you’re wearing a wig if it’s something that you don’t want to address with your classmates. This way your teachers and lecturers can field off any unwarranted attention or questions that may come your way.

Another added perk of letting your teachers in on the fact that you’re wearing a wig is that it could help you get out of having to do P.E. (Phys. Ed) if it requires swimming or any other activity that might mess up your wig.

4. Allow Your Friends To Support You

If you’re self-conscious about having to wear a wig it can be daunting opening up to your friends about it. I assure you though, having that extra support from your best friends is sure to lift your spirits and lower your anxiety over wearing a wig.

Friends are in our lives to support and lift us up, I have no doubt yours will do the same for you. Having your friends’ support is sure to boost your confidence! They can even help you ward off unwanted attention!

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What are the most realistic looking wigs?

The most realistic looking wigs are human hair lace front wigs, specifically those made from Remy human hair. Each hair strand on a lace front wig has been individually tied to the sheer lace material. This makes it look like the hair is growing straight from your scalp! When installed properly, no one will be able to tell you’re wearing a wig.


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