Dry Hair After Coloring? Here’s Why & The Best Way To Fix It

I absolutely love coloring my hair! It gives that unmistakable, fresh glow that we all adore—like a summer vacation. But, inevitably the color causes your locks to become very dry. I’ve done some research on why this happens, here’s what I found.

Color-treated hair is definitely more prone to being dry, brittle, and even damaged. This is because the chemicals in hair dye and bleach lift your hair cuticles’ layers, thus stripping your hair of its moisture. To fix this, cut back on wash days and opt for a co-wash instead of shampoo to avoid further moisture loss. Also, deep-condition often.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a little more to it. Keep reading to find out the best way to fix dry hair after coloring, and how to prevent it in the future.

8 Ways To Fix Dry Hair After Coloring

Methods To Fix Dry Hair After Coloring

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks you can put to use in order to salvage your dry, damaged locks after a color treatment.

To fix dry hair after coloring/dyeing, apply warm oils like olive oil/coconut oil to rehydrate, moisturize and smoothen your hair’s cuticle to seal moisture in. Apply 2-3 drops of warm oil to your hands, rub your palms together, use your fingertips’ pads to massage the oil onto your scalp, comb through your hair’s length, and ends with your hands.

Keep reading to find out more ways to fix color-treated dry hair. I’ve made it super simple by summarizing them below for you:

01. Ditch the shampoo.

Once you have colored treated your hair, you have essentially stripped it of all its natural oils. Shampooing your hair will only add to the dryness and frizz, so rather skip the shampoo for a few days and use a conditioner instead. This will help restore the moisture and it will help your hair hold the color for longer! Definitely a win-win situation.

02. Make a homemade hair mask.

If you notice your hair dries super quickly after a wash, this indicates your hair is significantly damaged from the coloring. My advice would be to make a homemade mask to salvage your hair.

Avocado is amazing for hair, so I would advise using two tablespoons of of avocado, honey, and coconut oil. Alternatively, you can mix two tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons olive oil.

Apply this to your scalp and let it sit for 20-30 minutes in a plastic wrap. Once the time is up, remove the wrap and rinse your hair thoroughly. Lastly, apply the conditioner again and then rinse.

03. Use a leave-in conditioner.

Using a really good quality leave-in conditioner can do wonders for your dry, frizzy hair! Put it in your hair after you shower and leave it in for as long as possible.

This will alleviate dry, static hair and will also help protect your color, especially if you plan on using hot styling tools.

04. Stop washing altogether (temporarily).

One way to help your hair restore itself it to simply allow its natural oils to accumulate by not washing it for a while. Wetting your hair often is actually damaging to the hair shafts!

Instead, invest in a dry shampoo from your local shop and use this on your oily roots.

05. Use a hot oil treatment.

Hot oil treatments involve heating up the oil and applying it to your hair. You need to completely cover it and allow the oil to penetrate into your hair shafts.

I recommend Alberto Vo5 Hot Oil Intense Conditioning Treatment, which you can purchase off Amazon. Products like this work wonders for hair that is especially damaged from a very harsh dye job!

06. Use some hair glaze for added shine.

If your hair is super dry and dull after your color treatment, one of the best things you can do for its physical appearance is to use a good hair glaze product.

John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss is one of my personal favorites!

Hair glaze is applied to your locks to give it a gorgeous, glossy shine! You only need to apply this once a week, and you can choose from a variety of shades such as blonde, red, and brown!

07. Use a heat protector spray.

If you plan on using hot styling tools (of course you are!) then I recommend investing in a heat protector spray before you apply the hot tools to your locks!

While many will advise avoiding these completely, I know personally that often this simply isn’t an option due to busy work schedules or cold weather.

I recommend using CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray to guard your hair against heat damage.

08. Use an argan oil mask.

If your hair is severely dry, then I recommend using an argan oil mask. Not only are they affordable, but they are also very effective in treating dry, damaged hair.

I recommend 100% ORGANIC Argan & Almond Oils from Amazon for best results!

6 Ways To Prevent Dry Hair After Adding Color

The best way to prevent dry hair after coloring/dyeing is to opt for moisture-rich hair dyes where possible firstly; these will condition and protect your hair whilst changing its color. Secondly, avoid using heat styling tools for up to a week after coloring your hair and moisturize your hair with coconut oil or leave-in conditioners twice a week.

Keep reading to find out other ways to prevent dry hair after dyeing your hair!

01. Use cool water when rinsing hair.

Any good hairdresser will know that, during the process of coloring hair, you always need to rinse the hair with lukewarm to cool water! Using really hot water will dry out your hair before the color treatment even has the chance to!

02. Avoid the swimming pool.

Even if your color treatment didn’t damage your locks too much, a dip in a chlorinated swimming pool will certainly do the trick!

Not only will a chlorinated pool dry out your locks, but the combination of the chlorine and the hair dye treatment can also turn your hair an unsightly shade of green (trust me, I’ve been there)!

If you must get in the pool, apply a leave-in conditioner before you get in the pool to protect your hair. If you are a blonde, please use a swimming cap too! Once you get out the pool, rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure the chlorine is out completely, and condition it again for good measure!

03. Use a treatment straight after coloring.

Any good hairdresser will know that using a good treatment straight after the coloring process will prevent your hair from becoming dry in the first place!

This will also help your hair hold the color better and will also mean your hair will look and feel a whole lot better after your first post-coloring wash.

04. Wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair.

A common mistake many women make is washing their hair too soon after a color treatment. Doing this will cause the color to wash out sooner, as when you color your hair you open the cuticle layer, making it easier for the color to penetrate the shaft.

If you wash your hair before 72 hours, the cuticle may still be open and your color will wash out. Waiting longer to wash will also put less stress on your hair, and give it time to soak in the color with your natural oils.

05. Stay out of the sun.

Lounging in the sun after you have had your hair colored is a big no-no! Too much sun exposure can leave your colored hair dry, brittle and frizzy! Even if the color-treatment didn’t damage your hair, the sun certainly will.

If you are going to be in the sun, make sure that you use a leave-in conditioner beforehand, and try and wear a full-brimmed hat for added protection.

06. Don’t leave highlights in for too long.

This mistake is fatal, ladies! Leaving your color or highlights in for longer than they are supposed to be is a surefire way to leave your poor hair in a frazzled mess!

30-45 minutes is the ideal length of time to leave foils in your hair. Any longer than this will damage and break your hair out severely.

I always recommend getting your hair colored by a professional, as this will prevent any damaging mishaps from happening!

Final Thoughts

My final recommendation here is to do whatever you can to prevent your hair from becoming dry by following the above steps! If the damage has been done already, then there are thousands of amazing products you can use to repair it, and as mentioned above, home treatments work just as well!

Good luck, and enjoy your new, gorgeous color!


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