Should I Wear A Durag With Braids?

If you’ve recently gotten your hair braided and you’re wondering if you can wear a duraq with your hair braided, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more!

You can wear a durag with braids to prevent stray hairs or frizziness and also to lock or seal in moisture, especially whilst sleeping. This will not only keep your braids looking fresher for longer, but it will also protect your natural hair from any breakage due to a lack of moisture.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of wearing a durag, especially with braided hair. Plus, a step-by-step method of how to tie your durag if you plan on wearing it overnight and some other need-to-know info about durags. Take a look for yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Durag

Now that you know that wearing a durag whilst your hair is braided is nothing out of the ordinary let’s take a look at what some of the benefits are!

Durags offer pressure, which compresses your hair and braids to ensure that they lay flat against your head. This will prevent your braids and hair from frizzing, drying out, and creating flyaways, which will help you keep your hair nourished and ensure that your braids last longer.

Keep reading to find out what the other benefits of wearing a durag are!

01. Durags improve the quality of your hair

Durags are great at improving the quality of your hair. If you are someone who has naturally dry or frizzy hair, wearing a durag to bed can help you control the frizz naturally and without using any products on your hair that have harmful ingredients.

Wearing a durag when you sleep will limit the friction between your hair and your pillow. Wearing a durag also locks in moisture, and natural oils produced by your hair, thus keeping your hair and braids moisturized and ensuring that your hair stays healthy and glossy.

02. Durags make your braids last longer

Wearing your hair in braids has become very popular as of late, with many people choosing to get their hair braided. With that said, a common issue or difficulty that many of these people face with braids is that they tend to get frizzy and have flyaways.

A way to solve this is to wear a durag, especially when going to sleep. The friction between your braids and your pillowcase whilst you sleep is the main reason for flyaways.

By wearing a durag when going to sleep, you prevent flyaways, thus keeping your braids looking fresher for longer and saves you time in the morning as you don’t have to use products taming your braids.

03. Durags soak up sweat

Wearing a durag can be extremely useful, particularly for individuals who live in hotter atmospheres.

During summer, when the temperatures begin to go high, and you’re more likely to sweat, this can affect the lifespan of your braids as the sweat and natural oils produced by your scalp can cause a build-up, which leads to itching and scalp irritation; either forcing you to scratch your head or wash your braids which all actually shorten the lifespan of your braids.

This is where durags come in. Durags help absorb the sweat on your hair and scalp and help keep you cool. It causes the evaporate quicker, thus preventing a buildup on your scalp.

04. Durags protect your braids and hair from drying out

Believe it or not, but one of the leading causes of dry hair is exposure to UV rays, as it can leave your hair feeling brittle and weak and cause split ends. This is made worse with braids.

Braids made from synthetic fibers will strip your hair of some of its moisture, so don’t exacerbate this by spending all day outside under the scorching sun.

This where duraqs come in; they can act as a shield or barrier between the sun’s harsh UV rays and your braids and hair. They will help your hair retain moisture instead of losing it, thus keeping your hair moisturized and healthy and your braids looking fresh.

05. Durags smoothen your braids

If you have naturally coarse hair or unruly hair, more often than not, braids can hide this, but when they can’t, you can always wear a durag to smoothen your hair so that it blends effortlessly with your braids.

Durags are no heat, no chemical way of straightening hair and making it manageable. Just apply a few drops of hair oil to your scalp and braids, and then tie your duraq on your head firmly before you go to bed.

How Do You Wear Durag With Box Braids?

If you’d like to learn how to how to tie a durag with braided hair, take a look at the video below (you can skip to 00:31).

How To Tie A Durag With Box Braids

Step 01: Placing the durag on your head.

Turn the durag back to front, so the crease/seam is on the outside. This will guarantee that the crease doesn’t leave an impression on your hair overnight. Place the durag, so the crease lines up with the center of your face. Use a satin or silk durag.

Step 02: Wrap the durags tails around your head.

Take a tail in each hand and wrap it around your head towards the back of your head. Make sure the tails cross in the back of your head. When they’ve crossed, pull them right around the head, so they cross at your forehead before you wrap it around the back.

Try not to tie the ties. That will leave lines on your forehead. Also, to ensure the ties stay in place, twist them.

Step 03: Place a soft headband around your head.

Get a soft headband (like the ones normally worn to catch sweat whilst playing sports). It must have a firm elastic; however, not be too tight or uncomfortable. Then tuck your durag under your headband. The headband method will reduce any lines on your forehead left by the durag.

Step 04: Unwrap the ties.

Once the durag is tucked under your headband, gently pull on the ties of your durag to separate them so that they’re no longer wrapped around your head. You can get them under the back of the headband so they don’t get tangled overnight. By unwrapping the ties, your durag will feel more comfortable on your head.

Step 05: Tuck the flap.

Try to tuck the fold under the headband as this will ensure it doesn’t get pulled on while you’re sleeping, which may dislodge the durag from under your headband.

Should You Were A Durag Every day?

You can wear your durag every day as long as it is made out of satin. This ensures that your hair and scalp will retain their natural oils, thus ensuring that your hair stays moisturized and nourished whilst under your durag.

It is highly recommended that if you have braids or want to maintain your waves, wearing a durag to sleep will help you keep your hair protected and maintain your hairstyle.


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